HTC gets a few more devices PlayStation Certified

Since the PlayStation Certified Xperia Play came out with that console-like gamepad, Sony has extended the PlayStation certification to multiple Xperia smartphones. Then when HTC released the trio of devices in the One series, HTC was able to get them certified as well, making the One X, S, and V the only non-Sony smartphones that could access Sony’s PlayStation gaming store for Android.

Well, Sony really must like HTC, or maybe HTC is the only manufacturer trying to do so, but the Taiwanese manufacturer has reportedly gotten PlayStation certification for three more smartphones, namely the HTC One XL, EVO 4G LTE, and the recently launched One X+. While Sony’s PlayStation Mobile store may not have that many games, it is still great for owners of the certified HTC devices, specially for the One X and One X+, which also enjoy exclusive Tegra-certified games.

Not all games may be available on every device right now, but Sony has been working on bringing all the titles to all certified devices, Sony or non-Sony. Hopefully, by the time Sony gets around to doing that, newer and higher quality games will have arrived on the store.

For details on how to install the PlayStation®Mobile for Android™ app on your device, head to the official Sony website here.

Via: Android Guys