HTC Desire HD gets Android 4.2 based AOSP ROM

HTC’s flagship device if 2011, the HTC Desire HD just received a shot in the arm with an AOSP based Android 4.2 ROM being developed for it. XDA developer AceofSpades90, who was also responsible for releasing a pre-alpha build of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for the AT&T Samsung Captivate, is also working on a separate version for the Desire HD.

And we all know what a pre-alpha build means, right? There will be a bunch of features that are not fully working, at least not yet. The dev is working hard to iron out all the kinks and get everything up and running. For now, here’s the working/not working status of this ROM as it stands:

What’s working:
– WiFi
– Bluetooth
– Camera
– Logcat
– Sound
– Surface flinger
– Media Scanner
– Touch

What’s not working:
– Data (Partially?)
– Phone (Try different modems and report?)
– Internal Storage (Fixed?)
– Tether (?)
– Settings -> Storage FC
– Mount Ext SD to PC

While not daily driver material yet, if you have a spare device, then you could still go ahead and give it a shot, if not for anything else, but to check out how Android 4.2 looks and feels on the Desire HD. We think the Desire HD will love it too. You can head over to the official source page to download the latest version of the Android 4.2 test build and flash it like a regular ROM through CWM recovery. While you’re there you can also read up on what other users are experiencing with the test build.

Looks like good times are in store for the Desire HD after all.