How to zoom with one hand on Samsung Galaxy S10

In the Samsung Galaxy S8, there was a provision to zoom in/out by dragging the camera shutter button up/down. This handy feature allowed users to zoom with one hand, which helped them to take steadier shots.

Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10+, however, don’t have the same drag-to-zoom characteristic. The volume up and down buttons can be used to zoom in/out, but thanks to the devices’ considerable form factor, it’s not the most convenient solution.

Thankfully, Samsung S10 devices have another software feature that achieves the same results without compromising on shot stability.

How to zoom with one hand on Samsung Galaxy S10

Here’s how to zoom using a single hand in the camera app of the Galaxy S10:

  1. Open Camera app.
  2. Locate the lens selection area – wide-angle, normal, and zoom.
  3. Press and hold the selection area until the zoom slider pops up.
  4. Scroll left and right to adjust.


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