How to Warn Someone on Discord

Discord has become a great community-building service that allows you to create individual servers for all your interests and invite people to them for healthy discussions. Each server has a specific set of rules necessary to maintain the group’s sanity. Like any online community, you will bump into people who don’t follow a server’s rules, violate them, or have been a reason for the inconvenience for others on the server.   

If you’re part of a server whose rules have been violated by one of the members, the following post should help you warn them on Discord. 

How to warn people on Discord

You can warn someone inside a server on Discord using warn commands in any chat or channel as long as you meet the requirements listed below.


Here are the requirements you need to meet to warn someone on Discord.

  • A compatible server role that gives you the right to warn someone
  • A compatible bot that adds the ability to warn someone

You can use the steps below to install a bot on your server and warn someone accordingly. However, you need to keep in mind that you will require appropriate permissions to install bots on your server before you can warn someone or use the command yourself.

Step 1: Choose and install a bot on your server

There are tons of moderation bots available for Discord offering numerous features, including the ability to warn someone. In this instance, we will be using the Dyno bot but there are other bots that you can use if they better fit your needs. You can check out bot alternatives at the end of this guide.

Open the link below for the Dyno bot in your preferred browser and click on Add To Server.

Choose a preferred plan you like by clicking on it and subscribing to it. We will be using the free plan for this example. If you too wish to opt for the free plan, click on Add to Server.

Now sign into your Discord account if needed. Click the drop-down menu under “Add to Server” and select the server where you wish to install the bot.

Click Continue once you’ve selected your preferred server.

You will now be shown the permissions required by the Dyno bot. Scroll down and click on Authorize at the bottom. You might be asked to complete a captcha after this step. Verify that you’re a human to install the Dyno bot on your server. 

You will now be asked to choose a prefix for your bot commands. We will leave it at the default “?” for now. If you wish, you can choose a different prefix as well. This prefix will help the bot recognize commands on your server and can be used to execute bot commands anywhere you like. 

Click the next drop-down menu under Choose your timezone and choose your preferred timezone. 

Click Next.

Now choose a preferred channel to get bot updates using the Choose your updates channel drop-down menu. 

Click on Next when you’re done.

Choose if you wish to use a premium subscription and click on Done.

And that’s it! Dyno bot will now be added to your server. You can now use the next step to easily warn someone violating rules on your server.

Step 2: Use the warn command to warn a member

Now that we have added the Dyno bot to your server, we can use it to warn any member of your server. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process.

Open Discord in your browser and log into your account. Let’s first verify if the Dyno bot has been added to your server. Click on the concerned server icon from the left sidebar on the Discord screen. 

Now click the people icon to access the server’s members list.

When the members list shows up on the right panel, check if you can see the Dyno bot on this list. You can now send warnings to people on your server by following the steps below. 

Open a channel where you wish to issue a warning, and use the format below to warn someone. You can use the following warning code to send a warning:

[Prefix]warn @[Username] [Message]

Replace [Prefix] with the prefix you chose (in this case, it’s “?“) for the Dyno bot. Then, replace [Username] with the username of the user you wish to warn and [Message] with the message you wish to send while warning someone. 

For example, if you wish to warn user “ABC” to stop violating rules, a warning can be issued using the command below.

?warn @ABC Please stop violating the rules.

And that’s how you can issue warnings using the Dyno bot on Discord.

Other bots you can use to warn someone on Discord

Besides Dyno, there are other bots with moderation capabilities that you can use to issue warnings on Discord. Here are a few of them: 

Why and when should you issue a warning on Discord

You should issue warnings judiciously and ensure that you don’t warn users that haven’t violated any rules. Here are a few reasons and scenarios for when you should be issuing warnings to the respective user on your Discord server.

  • Violation of server rules
  • Violation of Discord rules
  • Spam
  • Banned content
  • Harassment
  • Unwanted behavior
  • Bots posing as humans

and more. At the end of the day, it is up to you how you wish to moderate your server. You can be a bit lenient or decide to be strict and issue warnings as you like. However, in any case, you should avoid warning users that haven’t violated any rules or more.

If you are suspicious about whether someone is online for real or not on Discord, you can use our guide to find out if they are fake online. In another cool tip, learn how to get an invisible name on Discord here.

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