How to Take Screenshots on BeReal Secretly Without Notifying Someone or Getting Detected

Now that you know that screenshots on BeReal are detectable and visible to a BeReal post’s creator, you may wonder how you can take screenshots of someone’s posts without alerting them. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds that may help you in such a situation. 

Method #1: Start recording your screen

While BeReal can detect when you take screenshots of someone’s post on the app, it won’t be able to tell when or whether a screen recorder is enabled on your phone. You can use the native screen recorder on your iPhone or Android device to record your screen and then browse through someone’s recent posts. 

You can use your phone’s screen recorder by following the instructions below:

1.1 On Android

Swipe down twice on your Home Screen to access Quick Settings and tap on the Screen Record tile from the screen.

In the prompt that appears, tap on Start. After the recording starts, go to the BeReal app and browse what you want to capture. When you’ve captured everything, swipe down from the top and tap on Stop inside the Screen recorder notification. 

1.2 On iPhone

Make sure you have added the Screen recording control inside Settings > Control Center. If yes, then open the BeReal app, launch Control Center and tap on the Screen recording tile.

When the receding recording starts, browse through the BeReal app and capture the required content. When done, tap on the red record button at the top left corner and tap on Stop in the prompt that appears. 

After you’ve captured a screen recording, you can revisit someone’s BeReal post in video form. You can pause this video to take a screenshot of a single frame without notifying them about your screenshot. 

Method #2: Use another phone to capture a photo

If you find recording your screen too much to work with, an easier way to take a screenshot will be to use another phone to capture a photo of what’s open on your screen. You can launch the BeReal on your main phone and use a secondary phone’s camera app to take a picture from its back camera. Since the capture is done on another device, BeReal won’t detect when you take this picture and thus won’t notify the other person of your action. 

Method #3: Take a screenshot with part of the user’s BeReal picture

Like Instagram, BeReal shows you a continuous feed of pictures shared by your friends one by one. If you’re satisfied with a partial screenshot of someone’s post, your screenshot action may not notify the other person if done rightly. If you scroll through your My Friends feed in such a way that your screen shows only part of your friend’s picture (less than half of it), then it’s likely that your capture won’t be registered to the person’s post.

When you do this, you have to keep in mind that someone else post doesn’t also appear in the same screenshot as they may instead receive an alert on their account. To avoid that, you can open the Recent apps screen (by swiping up from the bottom) on an iOS or Android device with the BeReal app as the active window. You can then capture this screenshot to avoid the app from registering your screenshot and alerting the other person.  

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