How to Speed up AT&T Galaxy S6 by flashing a debloated OE2 based custom ROM

Of course, the Galaxy S6 you have in your hand is the one of the fastest devices on Android. After all, it houses the fastest chip in Exynos 7420, and its Touchwiz isn’t that much bloatware laden as its previous versions. But anyway, it’s still got Touchwiz, Samsung’s custom UI over Android, and set of Samsung apps that keep hogging your device from time to time. No wonder many people deem Nexus 5 slightly smoother and faster than Galaxy S6 many a times.

You can achieve faster speed in operations on your AT&T Galaxy S6 by using a debloated ROM that’s got rid of not-so-useful Samsung apps already, and thus gets lots of free RAM for using the phone as you would. That means removing the Samsung apps like S-Voice, Videos, KNOX, Facebook messenger, etc. to name a few. Check the full list of the apps removed from the official page given at downloads section. Credit for the ROM goes to Rayman360, thanks!

Let’s see how to install the pre-rooted OE2 firmware based ROM on your AT&T Galaxy S6, with unnecessary apps removed.


(Download the latest version of the ROM from the official page here.)

Supported devices

  • AT&T SAMSUNG GALAXY S6, model no. SM-G920A
  • Don’t try on Galaxy S6 sets at Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular or the Canadian, Korean and International variants.
  • Don’t try on any other device whatsoever


Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Backup necessary stuff. In case your device is wiped off, it’s good to have backup of contacts, photos, videos and other files. Hence, create a backup of important stuff in your phone right away.

  1. Update your AT&T Galaxy S6 to OE2 firmware, if it’s not running the OE2 build already. (Check in Settings > About phone.)
  2. Root your AT&T Galaxy S6 on OE2 firmware.
  3. Download the ROM file (Ultra Light 1.0 – UCU1AOE2 .zip), and transfer it to phone’s storage. Remember the location where you put it.
  4. Download the Flashfire android app that we will use to flash the ROM:
    1. Login into Google using the same Gmail ID that you are using on phone. Go to Google+ page and join the community.
    2. Next, sign up here to receive updates of the app.
    3. Use the download link provided after you sign up to download the app on your phone.
  5. Open the Flashfire app. Provide it root permissions by tapping on Grant on the pop-up that shows up. (Tap on agree on the Disclaimer pop-up that comes only one time.)
  6. Tap on + button, select Wipe, keep default options checked. Tap on check button at top right.
  7. Tap on + again, select ‘Flash ZIP or OTA’ and then select the ROM file from step 3 here. Tap on check button at top right.
  8. Scroll down and tap on FLASH button. Tap on OK to confirm.

Need more help with flashing the ROM using Flashfire app (steps 5 to 8 above)? Well, check this video. Works for every ROM on every Samsung phone when using Flashfire app.

Once Flashfire is done flashing the debloated OE2 ROM that’s already rooted, and is blazing fast, your AT&T S6 will reboot automatically.

That’s it. Let us know if you know any help with this via comments section below. We’ll be sure to help you.

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