How to remove WhatsApp stickers and apps

WhatsApp stickers are a great addition to the app. The stickers make most conversations so much fun and at times hilarious as well. We have a feeling that youā€™ve been probably downloading a whole bunch of sticker packs to try out and might be left with a load of sticker packs which you arenā€™t satisfied with.

If thatā€™s the case, then removing the sticker packs from your WhatsApp is quite simple and does not take more than a couple of seconds. Hoarding a bunch of stickers which you may not use would just make it harder to find the stickers you actually want to use.

So, letā€™s take a look at how to remove WhatsApp stickers.


Method 1: Uninstall the sticker pack

The first method is super easy and follows the same process as uninstalling any other application on your Android device.

  • Head over to your application list and find theĀ sticker packĀ you want to remove.
  • Long pressĀ on the sticker pack and then wait for a pop-up menu to appear. Depending on your OEM skin you might seeĀ UninstallĀ or a simpleĀ TrashcanĀ icon. Tap on the Uninstall/Trashcan button and then confirm the uninstall by tapping onĀ yesĀ when you see the pop-up to confirm the uninstall.

You can also uninstall the sticker pack by going toĀ Settings > Apps > ā€˜Sticker Packā€™ to be uninstalledĀ > Uninstall.Ā 

Method 2: Delete from WhatsApp

You can also directly delete the sticker pack from WhatsApp by performing just a few steps.

  • Launch the WhatsApp application and open a chat
  • Tap theĀ EmojiĀ button and then tap on theĀ StickerĀ icon which should be at the bottom bar.
  • Now on theĀ stickers bar,Ā you should see a + icon towards the right. Tap on this to open up the StickersĀ menu.
  • Head over to theĀ My StickersĀ tab. You would be able to see all the sticker packs currently installed on your device.
  • Now, simply tap on theĀ deleteĀ icon at the side if theĀ Sticker packĀ you want to remove from WhatsApp, then tap onĀ deleteĀ again.

Thatā€™s it. The sticker pack would be removed from your WhatsApp.

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  1. This absolutely does not work… What a shitty article. As long as you delete the sticker app, there will be an empty sticker slot in your WhatsApp where those stickers were. It’s impossible to remove, and no solution can be found online…

  2. So… How do i delete my own customised sticker to prevent everyone from using.

  3. How do I eliminate stickers permanently

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