How to get WhatsApp stickers update?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications around the world with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. The app has been receiving a steady flow of updates over the past year. Recently, WhatsApp rolled out the WhatsApp stickers feature to WhatsApp beta users.

The feature allows users to share stickers with friends and family. Since the feature has only been released a few days ago, many users have the same question which is ā€œHow to get the WhatsApp stickers update?ā€. Well, the WhatsApp stickers featureĀ is rolling out to users outside the beta version as well but at a slow pace.

Currently, only a few users outside the beta version of WhatsApp have the sticker feature update on their devices. If youā€™re eagerly waiting to get the stickers to feature on your device, then here are a few things you could do to try and get the sticker feature working on your WhatsApp for Android.


Update to the latest version

To get the WhatsApp stickers features, it is necessary to update to the latest version of the application. To do so, head over to the Google Play Store and tap on the hamburger menu or just swipe in from the left edge of the screen. Then tap onĀ My apps & games.Ā 

The Play Store should now automatically check for available updates. If you have an update forĀ WhatsApp,Ā simply tap on theĀ UPDATEĀ button which should show up at the side of theĀ WhatsAppĀ name.

Wait for the app to be updated and then openĀ WhatsAppĀ and head over to a chat and tap on theĀ EmojiĀ button which should be on the ā€œType a messageā€ bar. You should be able to see 3 options now, Emoji, Gif, and Stickers.

Tap on theĀ StickersĀ option and now you would be able to see the pre-installed stickers.

Keep in mind that the application version should beĀ 2.18.329Ā or above.

Install the WhatsApp beta build

Chances are that you might not have the WhatsApp stickers even after updating to the latest version of WhatsApp stable build. If you donā€™t want to wait for WhatsApp to roll out the stickers feature to the stable version, then you could download the WhatsApp beta build although this may only help to get the feature a tiny bit earlier than stable build users.

Currently, the official WhatsApp beta testing is full and you wonā€™t be able to sign-up for the beta version of WhatsApp via the Google Play Store, however, you can download the WhatsApp beta APK file to use the sticker feature.

If you arenā€™t familiar with installing APK files on your Android device, then you can check out our article on how to install APK files on Android.

Note:Ā If the sticker option still does not show up, try installing a WhatsApp sticker pack from the Google Play. Add the sticker pack to WhatsApp and then check to see if the sticker feature becomes available.

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