How to Make Netherite Tools: Recipes and Complete Guide

How to Make Netherite Tools

We got a ton of stuff with the new Nether Update. New biomes, blocks, mobs. Some creepy soil, some even creepier new obsidian and, most importantly, a new strongest material: Netherite.

And seriously, Netherite is awesome. The new material is not only better in every measurable respect than Diamond, but also has a cool, unique, and situationally useful new feature no-doubt designed with the Nether in mind.

Netherite Tools Are Stronger

All Netherite Tools pack more of a punch than Diamond and, like the armor, have significantly higher durability. They smash things faster, hit harder, and last longer in every respect than their shinier, crystalline brethren. Below we’ll go through some of the actual stats for each of the stabby, choppy, slicey, slashy, and scoopy new tools.

Netherite Pickaxe
Minecraft Netherite Pickaxe

  • Durability: 2031
  • On-Hit Damage: 6
  • DPS: 7.2 (Java), 6 (Bedrock)

Netherite Shovel

Minecraft Netherite Shovel

  • Durability: 2031
  • On-Hit Damage: 6.5 (Java), 6 (Bedrock)
  • DPS: 6.5 (Java), 5 (Bedrock)

Netherite Hoe

Minecraft Netherite Hoe

  • Durability: 2031
  • On-Hit Damage: 1
  • DPS: 4

Netherite Axe

Minecraft Netherite Axe

  • Durability: 2031
  • Recovery Time: 1 second.
  • On-Hit Damage: 10 (Java), 7 (Bedrock)
  • DPS: 10 (Java), 7 (Bedrock)

NOTE: In Java Edition, axes do more single-target damage than Swords, while Swords inflict splash damage on all targets within its hitbox.

Netherite Sword

Minecraft Netherite Sword

  • Durability: 2031 (Java), 2032 (Bedrock)
  • On-Hit Damage: 8
  • Attack Speed: 1.6 (Java only)
  • DPS: 12.8 (Java), 8 (Bedrock)

What really stands out the most is the massive jump in durability. All of the Netherite tools have 2031 durability (except for the sword in Java edition) compared to 1561 with Diamond. Yeah, an almost 25% jump on the previously strongest material that was already leagues beyond the rest.

But it’s not just the increased sturdiness that makes the new Netherite tools truly take the cake, it’s the fact they do not burn in Lava. This means that should you accidentally find yourself suddenly extinct on a lava lake because you were digging straight down in the Nether like a true genius, you can actually go and claim your incredibly expensive Netherite tools back — as long as you can return before they despawn.

Netherite Tools Have Better Enchantments

Netherite tools have an Enchantability of 15, 50% higher than that of Diamond at 10 and second only to snobby Gold. Enchantability increases your chances of finding multiple, stronger enchantments on a piece of equipment, meaning that Nether isn’t just stronger and more, but has a much better chance of giving you more bang for your otherwise awesome buck.

Netherite Tool Recipes are Stupidly Simple

Minecraft Netherite upgrade recipe with Diamond Sword

In fact, they don’t really have recipes much more than a frozen TV dinner does. All you need is a single Netherite Ingot and the tool’s Diamond equivalent in order to create one. This is because the Netherite is actually classified as an upgrade, not a brand new tool that needs a bunch of ingots to make.

Not that getting the ingots themselves is that easy.

How to Get Netherite Ingots

Netherite Ingots themselves can only be obtained through crafting or looting chests in Bastion Remnants. That said, a more reliable way would be to just craft them out of Ancient Debris and Netherite Scraps.

Crafting Netherite Ingots

It all starts with Ancient Debris, which can be smelted into two Netherite Scraps. Those scraps, when combined with gold ingots, create a single Netherite Ingot — enough for one Diamond to Netherite upgrade.

Minecraft Netherite Scraps Recipe

Minecraft Netherite Ingot Recipe

Keep in mind that Ancient Debris is extremely rareat an average of 1.7 blocks per chunk. Yeah, it’s pretty wild, and can take forever if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, we wrote a complete guide on how to farm all the Ancient Debris you could possibly need in a single sitting.

Looting Bastion Remnant Chests

Indeed, the only place you can find naturally occurring Netherite Scraps and Netherite Ingots are from chests in the Nether’s Bastion Remnants. Most disappointingly, however, is the drop rate from Hoglin Stable Chests and Generic Chests: roughly 2%. Yeah, 1 in 50 chests isn’t great. However, Treasure Chests in Bastion Remnants have a 1 in 6 chance of dropping either 1-2 Netherite Scraps or a single Netherite Ingot. Probably not enough to rejoice over, but significantly better.

Yes, we know! They are awesome! Almost as awesome as Netherite Armor. If you haven’t already closed out the window and booted up Minecraft in sheer excitement, take an extra minute to save yourself an hour or more of farming by reading our Ancient Debris farming guide. Seriously, it’s worth it.

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