How to get Samsung Edge Lighting notifications from all apps when screen is off

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Most Samsung flagship phones from the recent past have a curved edge display screen that is complemented by Apps edge, a feature that displays the most frequently used apps to the edge for quick and easy access.

Users can also add shortcuts to their favorite apps or functions to the curved edge. To view the info you need, simply slide a finger along the edge when the phone is in standby mode.

In case the screen is off, Samsung Edge Lighting comes into play and lights up the edges to alert you that you have an incoming call, text or notification for that matter. Unfortunately, this feature only works with select apps, mostly messaging apps, out of the box

Speaking of notifications, one developer has come up with a pretty interesting app to further take advantage of the edge screen’s Edge Lighting feature.

Dubbed Edge Lighting fix for all apps, it makes Edge Lighting feature work for all apps by sending an Edge Lighting notification that forces the edges to light up. Without this app, you only see notifications from messaging apps when the display is turned off.

Even more interesting is that you can have this Edge Lighting go around the camera cutout on the Galaxy S10 and S10+ handsets.

How to enable Edge Lighting notifications from all apps

You are probably wondering how to enable Edge Lighting notification from all of your installed apps. Well, stick to the guide below and by the end, you’ll have it all.

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Find the “Edge Lighting fix for all apps” app
  3. Download and install it on your curved-edge Samsung Galaxy phone (Download link)
  4. Setting up is fairly easy, but remember to grant the app notification access
  5. Also, specify the apps you want to light up the Edge Lighting when the display is turned off

Note that this is the first public release of the app, meaning the developer, Zunderstruck, still has got some work to do to make it perfect. You are free to provide them with feedback via the Play Store. If you want to try the app, download it from the link below.


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