How to get and use the Map View on Google Photos

Google Photos Map View

Honestly, if we didn’t have Google Photos, a great many adventures would have been forgotten. Constantly finding a way to make lives easier, Google has recently introduced a complete makeover of the Google Photos app. You can now access a map feature right within the app! Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is Map View in Google Photos

Google has announced a huge redesign of its iconic photo storage app Google Photos. While we all love Google Photos, it has to be mentioned that the app was a bit difficult to navigate. Well, all of that is about to change. The new Google Photos is redesigned for simplicity and convenience.

While there already was a feature to group media from the same location, you can now view exactly where that location was! With the new Map feature in Google Photos, all your images and videos from a certain location will be pinned on the map.

Use the ‘Explore Map’ function to zip around the world, and find your pinned photos. This is especially helpful if you’re perusing through vacation pictures, and would like to see where exactly each picture was taken. The new Map feature uses GPS tagging to locate where your photos were taken.

The map also highlights locations of high density, indicating a larger number of photos have been taken there. Like a weather map, you can view where you have taken more photos simply by looking at it.

How to get Map View on Google Photos

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Map feature separately. The feature is in conjunction with the new update that Google is rolling out for the Google Photos app.

According to the press release, the update will be rolling out in the coming week, so it shouldn’t be too long. To get the latest features, all you have to do is visit your App store and update your Google Photos app!

If you don’t have the Google Photos app yet, use the links below to easily download it on your device.

Download Google Photos: (Android | iOS)

Where is Map View on Google Photos

As mentioned above, this new redesign of the app is focussed on making it simpler to use. With that in mind, the new Map feature is now front and center under the ‘Search’ tab. The search tab is one of the three tabs that the app is now divided into. The tabs for Google Photos can be accessed on the bottom panel of the app. Tapping the search tab will bring up your recognized ‘People’ followed by ‘Places’ which is characterized by an interactive map.

How to use Map View on Google Photos

Based on Google Maps, the new interactive map will be very similar to navigate. Once you reach the ‘Search’ tab in Google Photos, tap ‘Explore Map’ to enter the interactive map view.

At the bottom of the map, you will notice the names of places. These are hotspots for your photos. The map will provide quick search tabs to take you quickly to places that you have a large number of photos in.

Similar to Google Maps, you can slide your finger over the map to move about. Alternatively, you can scroll through the photos (below the map), to view where they were taken. As you scroll through the photos, the interactive map will automatically highlight where the photos were taken.

To zoom in or out of a particular area of the map simply pinch the map. All your old photos will be accessible on the interactive map, as long as they are Geo Tagged.

We can’t wait for the new update. Interactive Maps has been one of the most-requested features on Google Photos. What do you think about the new update? Let us know in the comments below.