How to force download the Xiaomi Mi A1 Android 9 Pie official update

Almost every one of us gets excited when a new update is made available for our smartphone, especially if the update is a major Android version update. Xiaomi Mi A1 users can finally enjoy the latest Android version on their devices since the official stable update of Android 9 Pie is now available for Xiaomi Mi A1 users.

Unfortunately, it could take a while for the update to be made available for your device since Xiaomi has rolled out the update only in Austria and Netherlands, however, if you don’t feel like waiting for the update, then here’s how to force download the update on your Xiaomi Mi A1.


Force download Android 9 Pie OTA

To force download the OTA update, simply follow these steps:

  • Remove your SIM card from the device.
  • Go to Settings > Apps, and clear the cache and data from the following apps: Google App, Google Framework, Google Play Services, Location Service
  • Now reboot your device.
  • After the device reboots, install a VPN app or use any VPN service you have installed already.
  • Make sure to connect to a Netherlands server or Austria server using the VPN application.
  • Now go to Settings > Software update and check for the update manually.

The update should now show up on your device, simply download and install the update. The process should take no longer than 30 minutes, however, it might take longer in case the network speed is slow. If the update does not show up on your device, then you could try following the same steps again about three times to have a higher chance of success.

Android 9 Pie for the Xiaomi Mi A1 brings along a boatload of new features and enhancements to offer a better user experience to users. Android 9 Pie has a lot of improvements over Android 8.1 Oreo as well as a few UI changes. Even though the Xiaomi Mi A1 comes with hardware buttons for navigation, the new Pie update allows users to use the gesture navigation feature which was made available with Android 9 Pie.

Did you manage to grab the Android 9 Pie update for your Xiaomi Mi A1? Let us know in the comments below.

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