How to fix YouTube pop-up not appearing problem on MIUI 11

YouTube Premium is a blessing for users who excel at multi-tasking. Not only does the app allow you to listen to your favorite tracks while minimized, but it also lets you enjoy your beloved clips in Picture-in-Picture mode.

Xiaomi has recently updated most of its newer smartphones to its newest ROM — MIUI 11. The ROM, as expected, is amply polished, but users are having a hard time using the aforementioned YouTube Premium’s PIP mode on MIUI 11.

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As it’s still early days, encountering a few rogue bugs isn’t out of the ordinary. But if you’re accustomed to using PIP multiple times a day, this condition is likely to feel severely annoying. Xiaomi hasn’t addressed the issue, so far, but a Reddit user has figured out a workaround that just might do the trick.

Step 1: Open YouTube. Play any video.

Step 2. After it opens, go back to get the minimized version of the video at the bottom of the app’s screen. Or, swipe the video down to minimize it to the bottom.

Step 3: Now put YouTube in Split Screen mode. For this, press the Recents key, and then drag the YouTube window to the top.

Step 4: Go to the Home screen. It should now be displayed in PIP mode.

The user has also graciously uploaded a YouTube clip to show the procedure.

MIUI 11 - YouTube picture in picture

Follow the steps, and you’ll back to enjoying YouTube in PIP mode in no time.


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