How to update your unlocked T-Mobile handset if not receiving updates [Quick Fix]

T-Mobile S10

Users usually opt for unlocked smartphones to get software updates ahead of their carrier-locked counterparts.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 lineup in the United States in March, many opted for the US unlocked variant in the hope of steady updates. And while most people have been enjoying the rush of getting faster updates, T-Mobile users have been struggling with getting new updates.

It’s not clear whether it’s T-Mobile that is golding the updates, or it’s just a bug that’s not allowing download of latest updates that are already available on unlocked units at other variants for T-Mobile users.

But anyway, here’s a fix.

What is happening is that the unlocked device — Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9, or any other Samsung Galaxy device — won’t update as long as it is running a T-Mobile SIM. The devices seem to be updating as expected when the T-Mobile SIM is swapped out in favor of a different carrier’s SIM. So, if you put in a Verizon/Sprint/AT&T SIM into the device in place of your T-Mobile’s one, and then check for an update, it would begin downloading the latest update right away.

Try the above and let us know how does it work out for you.

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If you still can’t get your device to update, make sure the SIM you’ve inserted is in working condition and not completely dead.

As of now, the telecommunications giant hasn’t addressed the issue, so, an official fix is not in sight.

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