How to fix OnePlus 7 Pro won’t turn on problem

OnePlus 7 Pro won't turn on

Few feelings in the world will match up to the dread of realizing your super expensive phone just. won’t. start. If you own a OnePlus 7 or 7 Pro and it’s invoking said dread don’t give in.

Before you decide to freak out and go to the repair store for what could be a simple issue like a firmware crash, explore the possibility that your phone is just facing a minor issue that can be sorted by the following methods:

Method 1: Forced Reboot

The most probable reason why your OnePlus 7/7 Pro won’t start is that the system has crashed. In such a case, you do the modern day equivalent of removing the battery and reattaching it, you execute a forced reboot.

  • To force reboot, press and hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Then release your hold once the logo lights up the screen.

Your One Plus 7/7 Pro should reboot and switch on normally after this.

OnePlus 7 Pro bootloop

Method 2: Charged phone reboot

Sometimes a system crash is followed by a complete battery drain and we may not realize it. In which case you’re trying to resuscitate a dead phone so it’s not going to start. In case your phone is not responding to a normal reboot follow these steps:

  • Plug your One Plus 7/ 7 Pro to its original charger and keep it plugged for 10 minutes whether it’s responding or not.
  • Once the phone is sufficiently charged, follow the 15-second reboot procedure mentioned above.

Once you execute this step, your phone will perform a battery pull procedure and your phone is hardwired to respond to this pull. However, if the phone is still not responding after this, then try the following method.

OnePlus 7 Pro not turning on

Method 3: Safe mode reboot

Safe Mode is a separate software environment than the one your phone functions in when it’s switched on normally. This mode suspends third party or downloaded apps from running. Your phone could not be starting because of a malicious or bad app that’s been downloaded. In which case, attempt to restart your phone in safe mode by following these steps:

  1. Force restart your phone by pressing and holding the power button in your OnePlus 7 Pro for 10-15 seconds (until the screen goes black). Release the power button once the screen goes black.
  2. Once you see the OnePlus logo, press and hold the volume down button (only, not with any other button) until you see the home screen (restart is complete).
  3. Your device will enter the safe mode. You will see a safe mode symbol at the bottom left corner side of the screen.
    • To exit the safe mode, simply restart your OnePlus 7 Pro. For that, press and hold the power button for a few seconds, and then tap on Restart.

If your phone is responding to safe mode reboot, then it’s the fault of a bad app. Reboot your phone again and look for your most recently downloaded apps to uninstall it. If your phone switches on normally, then it’s the app. But if it doesn’t, check for a bad app again.

Your phone should ideally start by now. If it is not responding to any of these methods, then you’ll have to take it for repair.

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  1. just updated mine.. now it wont do anyting.. screen stays black no matter what I do….

    1. same here just rebooted after downloading update and mine wont turn on now, you had any luck so far

  2. hi
    need help with my oneplus 7t.
    Hard reset and now stuck at
    “Couldn’t Sign in
    There was a problem communicating with google servers.
    Try again later”

    Please help….

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