How to Fix OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor, it’s not really defective at all

If you are having trouble setting up, or have run into any problem while using the OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor, then here is a quick tip that would help you fix this. Basically, the sensor is working all fine, it’s just that you need to set it up properly.

OnePlus 2 team has installed a procedure there that you need to adhere to. Then only fingerprint sensor on OnePlus 2 would start working as it should. Let’s see how to fix the fingerprint sensor issue on OnePlus 2. Btw, we hope you have secured your OnePlus 2 from Stagefright bug with Oxygen OS 2.0.1, and if not, then click the link that just preceded.

How to: Know that you need to register your gmail account while setting up the phone — apparently, adding a Google ID later on isn’t to fingerprint sensor’s liking. If you skipped adding a gmail account while setting up the OnePlus 2, then you need to do that now.

In such case, you need to do a factory reset on your OnePlus 2, just to do the setup again, adding gmail ID too this time around. Don’t skip it during setup.

So, once reset is done, the OnePlus 2 will let you go through the setup again, just be sure to register your Gmail account, and then try to register your fingerprint. It should work alright now.

Try the above and let us know. Good luck!

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  1. I had set up fingerprint scanner when I logged in set up my phone first time with gmail account. Later I added one more gmail account. After that I was not able to add another fingerprint, although existing one was working. I tried factory restore. Now the working fingerprint is gone and I am not able to add any fingerprint. It stays at 0%. Please give me a fix

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