How to fix Netflix error “Your phone is no longer supported”

Netflix is an app we all just love, such is the variety and of quality content available on the app. However, it’s possible that you run into an issue or two with the app some time. But if you get a compatibility error on Netflix that says ‘Your phone is no longer support by Netflix’, here is how you can fix it.

Compatibility issues aren’t uncommon after major software updates, so, there’s practically no reason to panic. While there are some solutions, which require you to follow a few complicated steps, this one here gets the job done in a rather straightforward manner.

How to fix Netflix error ‘Your phone is no longer support by Netflix’

To fix Netflix’s compatibility issues, all you need to do is download an older version of the app — 4.16 in this case. You can easily download the .apk file from APK Mirror.

Download Netflix v4.16

Download the APK file of the v16 of Netflix app from above, and save it your phone’s storage. Now, install the APK file. Run the Netflix app now and the error should be gone.

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