How to fix Google Lens icon not showing up

Google is taking a massive step ahead with Google Lens, its Android-based image AI feature for visual search. The feature is being rolled out as a bundle with the latest Google Photos build and not as a standalone app. So if you’ve been wondering why you can’t download Google Lens from the Play Store, that’s because it is a part of the Google Photos app itself.

If you don’t see the Google Lens icon pop up when viewing an image on Google Photos, you might not have the latest version of the Photos app installed. Make sure that you have the latest version of Google Photos installed on your device (build version on our tested device).

Download latest Google Photos app

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Once you have installed the latest version of the Google Photo app from the Play Store, do this to get Google Lens icon on your Android device.

  • Open the camera app, and capture the product or text you want to use Google Lens on.
  • Now, open the Photos app, and open the image from you just clicked.
  • You should see the Google Lens icon now, as shown in the picture below.

google lens icon

google lens icon

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