How to fix ‘Bixby Vision not working’ problem on Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung’s AI-powered smart assistant, Bixby, may not be everyone’s favorite digital assistant, but there are still a few people who are open-minded about its abilities.

Bixby Vision is one of the most talked-about features of the Bixby assistant. Bixby Vision is built into your Samsung Galaxy flagship’s camera, allowing you to do a bunch of things on the fly. From searching for products and places to live translations and trying on makeup with AR, there are some impressive features on offer.

Sadly, this service, too, has its fair share of bugs, with many Galaxy S10 users reporting random crashes and initialization failures.

So far, the only solution seems to be manually clearing the cache and data for all Bixby apps. To clear cache and data, go through each Bixby Application in Settings, Select Storage and then Clear cache. After performing these steps, restart your device.


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