How to Edit the Metadata for Multiple Photos on iPhone on iOS 16

Apple devices have always been a great help when it comes to capturing real-life moments. Be it the top-of-the-line camera sensors or equally good onboard image processing, iOS devices have always been at the forefront when it comes to mobile photography.

iOS automatically attaches location and other metadata to your captured photos for easy organization. However, there might be times when you wish to remove or edit this information.

You could only remove and edit this information on a photo-by-photo basis on previous versions of iOS, but iOS 16 now allows you to do the same for multiple photos at once. Let’s get familiar with this new feature.

What can you edit for multiple photos on iOS 16?

You can edit the date and time for multiple photos on your device if you’re running iOS 16 or later. You can also edit the location for various photos which allows you to batch edit your photos accordingly. Changing the date and time can allow you to categorize your memories more easily and find them later based on an important date or event like a birthday. 

Location can help you with organizing your memories similarly. Editing your photos’ location can help you quickly find them later, based on where they were taken. You can also decide to remove this information from your photos in case you plan on sharing them with someone. 

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How to edit Location, Date & Time for multiple photos on iPhone

Open the Photos app and navigate to the Album or photos where you wish to edit metadata. Tap Select.

Now select the photos you wish to edit. 

Once selected, tap and hold on one of the selected photos to view the context menu.

Choose Adjust Date & Time if you wish to adjust the same for the selected photos.

If you wish to edit the location then tap Adjust Location instead.


Follow one of the sections below depending on your choice.

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Edit the Date & Time

Once you select Adjust Date & Time, you will be shown the original date for the first photo as well as the adjustment you will make. The adjustment will apply to all the selected photos.

Tap on the year to get started.

Scroll and select the year you wish to set for the photos.

Now tap the Arrows to select the desired month.

Finally, tap and choose the date you wish to set for the selected photos. 

Tap the time to adjust the same.

Scroll and set your desired time.

Tap the Time Zone.

Now tap the search bar at the top and enter your desired time zone.

Tap and select the same from your search results.

Now check the changes beside Adjusted at the top. If they are as intended then tap Adjust to save your changes.

And that’s how you can adjust the Date & Time for multiple photos in iOS 16.

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Edit the Location

If you selected Adjust Location, use the search bar at the top to search for the desired location.

Tap and select the same once it shows up in your search results.

And that’s it! The selected location will be automatically applied to all the selected photos on your device.

We hope this post helped you easily edit the Date & Time as well as the location for multiple photos in iOS 16. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below. 


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