How to delete your StockX account

delete stockx account

Recently in the news, StockX, the beloved online sneaker trading store has had a data hack with over 6.7 million records stolen. Although StockX claims that the stolen information was general data and that no personal bank details were compromised, this has understandable sent users into a tizzy.

However, as users rushed to delete their StockX account, they realized that there is no dedicated ‘Delete account’ option! Luckily, we are here to set things straight, and detail how you can delete your account, and what information StockX has on you.

Choose what to delete

Delete your billing information: Use this option to have StockX delete all shipping and billing addresses associated with your account. Additionally, this option will remove your banking details including your credit and debit card numbers from the StockX database.

This option only deletes your billing information. Your account will still remain active and accessible. To remove your billing info, bank details, and debit and credit cards, visit the settings page here.

Deactivate or suspend your account: This option will temporarily suspend your purchasing and selling ability. Your account will remain active and accessible, but you will not be able to make any transactions. You can always reactivate your account at a later point.

Delete your account: This option permanently deletes your account in addition to your billing information. You cannot recover your account at a later point, once you use this option.

To deactivate or delete your account, you need to contact the StockX support via their contact page, as given below.

How to delete your StockX account on PC

If you have searched your profile and account page, you probably know by now, that there is no option to delete your account (as there probably should be). To delete your StockX account, first, visit the StockX webpage and sign in to your account on your PC.

Now, visit the ‘Contact Support’ page of StockX using this link. You will see an option to create a case, where you can ask them to delete your account (or deactivate is that’s what you wish).

Fill in the form with your email address (the one you signed up with them with), leave Primary Order Number field blank, choose Account in the Type option and then choose Delete account/Billing in the Sub-type. In the description field, ask them to delete your account.

How to delete your StockX account on Android app

The same procedure works for deleting your StockX account while using the mobile app. First sign in to your account on the app, then tap the ‘Account’ button in the bottom panel. Scroll down and tap ‘Help’.

Now select the ‘Contact us’ button at the bottom of the page, and follow the guide above to choose Account > Delete account/Billing.

What happens after you delete your account

Once you write to StockX to delete your account, you will receive an email (check your spam folder) informing you that your account has been successfully deleted. To double-check, simply go to the StockX website and try signing in with your credentials.

It should be noted though, that once you delete your StockX account, you cannot create a new account with the same bank details immediately. You must wait 28 weeks, or else, create a new account with a different email ID and banking details.

What data does StockX collect from you?

StockX collects your personal data in order to create personalized ads, better product selection, and faster checkouts. In addition to the general information like name, address, etc. that you provide, they also collect the following data:

  • Technical information: This includes your IP address, the browser you used to access the site, Operating system of your device.
  • Information about your visit: This includes the date and time of visit, length of visit, your page interaction.

How long does StockX keep your data?

StockX claims that while they delete most of your data when you delete your account with them, they may retain some of it for up to six years.

Even after this period, they may retain your data to use it to develop and improve their Services. However, data kept beyond 6 years is anonymized, and cannot be traced back to you. For more details, check out their Privacy Policy.

Under certain conditions, you can withdraw your consent for your data usage by writing to StockX at [email protected].

We hope this article has helped you delete your StockX account. Let us know if you need any help with the same, in the comments below.