How to Clear “Furthest Page Read” and Stop “Most Recent Page Read” on Kindle

What to know

  • Clear the “Furthest Page Read” from Amazon > Accounts & Lists > Content > Books > More actions > Clear Furthest Page Read.
  • Stop receiving “Most Recent Page Read” by turning on Airplane Mode on your Kindle. 
  • Furthest Page Read (FPR) is the farthest you’ve gone in a book. Most Recent Page Read (MRPR) is the latest page you read, regardless of the device you were on.

Reading on a Kindle device is convenience par excellence, especially considering how easy it is to switch between devices and sync to the furthest page read to continue reading from there. However, if you want to re-read a book, your furthest page read becomes the end of the book. And it doesn’t help to know that there is no setting on the Kindle device or the Kindle app to reset this.

Similarly, if you’re just going back or moving forward to check something on a different device, that too will sync up and you’ll be asked if you want to revert to the ‘most recent page read’ when you return to the first device. Depending on how often you go back and forth, the constant pop up messages can get annoying. 

Fortunately, there are ways to clear your furthest page read as well as stop Kindle from updating the most recent page read on a different device. 

How to clear Furthest Page Read on Kindle

Users often make use of the ‘Furthest page read’ setting when they turn on Kindle and need to quickly get to the furthest page that they’ve read in the book.  

But saved information about your furthest page can come in the way when you want to re-read a book. To reset this, follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, make sure you go to the first page of the book on your Kindle.
  2. Then open, click on Accounts & Lists and select Content Library.
  3. Select Books.
  4. Find the book whose furthest page read data you want to reset, then click on More actions next to it.
  5. Select Clear Furthest Page Read.
  6. Click on Clear Furthest Page Read to confirm.
  7. When you receive a message confirming the same, make sure to sync your Kindle. 
  8. Now if you select “Sync to Furthest Page Read”, you should see the message, “You’re currently at the furthest page”. 
  9. Alternatively, you may get the following message.

Either of these messages work if you’re on the page that you want to be the furthest page read or if you want to start re-reading from page one. 

How to stop receiving the most recent page read message on Kindle

Those who like to refer to the notes and annotations at the end of the book, the “most recent page read” message lets them go back and forth with ease. But if you’re jumping around on one device and reading normally on another, the notifications to revert to the most recent page read can get annoying.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to turn off this feature entirely. But you can turn off sync before you resume reading on your device. This way, the recent page location won’t sync and you can resume from where you left off on the device. 

To stop syncing, simply tap on the top edge to bring up Quick Settings. Here, tap on Airplane Mode and turn it off.


Let’s consider a few commonly asked questions about the Furthest Page Read and the Most Recent Page Read features on Kindle. 

What’s the difference between Furthest Page Read and Most Recent Page Read?

Furthest Page Read (FPR) is the farthest you’ve gone in a book. On the other hand, Most Recent Page Read (MRPR) is the latest page you read, regardless of the device you were on. FPR and MRPR are not the same, and it’s important to know the difference so you can determine how to use the two features while reading. 

How should you use Furthest Page Read and the Recent Page Read features on Kindle?

While reading, if you need to get to the furthest you’ve read in a book, use the Furthest Page Read feature. But if you want to re-read that book, it’s best to clear this data. On the other hand, If you like to jump around locations on different devices, the Most Recent Page Read pop up messages come in handy when switching devices. But if you don’t want to be reminded of reverting to the last page read, turn on the Airplane Mode and stop syncing it.  

We hope you were able to clear the Furthest Page Read and stop being updated on the Most Recent Page Read on Kindle.

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