How to claim free Headspace subscription if you are not employed right now

Headspace is a premium healthcare service provider that offers mindfulness techniques and meditation exercises to its users. During this pandemic, many people that are stuck in their homes can experience a lot of stress which can get worse if not addressed properly at the right time. Meditation exercises can not only help you relieve stress from your body and mind but also help you get a better sense of yourself.

If you are in the US and are currently unemployed and stuck at home, then we have some good news for you. Headspace is offering a free subscription to all its premium features for all the citizens in the USA that are currently unemployed. Let’s take a look at how you can avail of this offer.

How to get a free Headspace subscription?

Note: This is available only for those who are not employed right now. So, pls honor this requirement in a good spirit.

Step 1: Visit Headspace.

Step 2: Once you are on the page, start by filling out your last employment details in the text field in the right sidebar.

Step 3: Finally confirm your unemployment by checking the box for ‘I am currently unemployed. I understand that my eligibility for this offer is conditioned on the accuracy of the information I have provided.’ This will be your legal agreement with Headspace confirming that you are unemployed.

Step 4: Now click on ‘Sign Up’ at the bottom of the sidebar to complete the sign-up process.

You will now be signed up to Headspace which will give you free access to all their premium features.

How long is the offer available?

The ability to get a free premium subscription to Headspace is available till 30th June for all US citizens that are currently unemployed. This gives you around a month and a half to avail of the benefits for you and all your friends that might be in the same state as you.

With the premium model, you will get access to all of Headspace’s mindfulness techniques, meditation exercises, and other techniques that will help you calm down while taking care of your anxiety and stress.

Once subscribed, you will get a year’s free subscription.

Does Headspace offer any other offers?

Headspace is offering all its premium features for free to healthcare workers working in the US as well. Alongside this, the company has made a landing page with handpicked exercises that are completely free for New York residents but can be accessed by anyone for now.

This landing page was developed in collaboration with New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo. If you are a healthcare professional you can get access to Headspace’s offer using this link and if you are looking for the landing page with handpicked meditation exercises, then you can access it using this link.

We hope this guide helped you make the most out of your subscription with Headspace. If you have any issues or face any hurdles, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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