How to Change an App’s Text Size on iPhone

If an app has a bunch of text-based content that’s small in size, your go-to instinct is to pull up your reading glasses to view the content on your iPhone. An easier way to get things done is by adjusting the Text Size option inside Settings but you have to be okay with the selected text size as it now applies to all the apps on iOS. This changes with iOS 15 as you now have the ability to choose different text sizes for different apps on your iPhone, thus allowing you to enlarge texts on one app without fiddling with the text size on other apps. 

In this post, we’ll explain how to set up the Text Size option on iOS and how do you use it to change the size of fonts for an app. 

What do you need?

The ability to change Text Size for specific apps on iOS is available exclusively on iOS 15. Prior to this (iOS 14), Apple only allows you to change the universal text size for all apps on your iPhone at once. There was no means to set different font sizes for different apps individually. Users were restricted to adjusting text size in only those apps that support Dynamic Type like Settings, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Notes. In iOS 15, you will have easy access to text size adjustment using a Control Centre shortcut. 

At this moment, you can only use iOS 15 as a developer/public beta for select iPhones. However, we’d advise against installing it on your primary device since these early software builds may often have bugs and issues that could hinder your daily work. 

If you wish to check your iPhone’s current OS version, open the Settings app and go to Settings > General > About > Software Version.

How to set up text size shortcut inside Control Centre

Before you can change the size of texts inside an individual app on iOS 15, you first need to make sure that the Text Size shortcut is available inside your Control Centre. To do this, open the Settings app on your iPhone and select the ‘Control Centre’ option.

Inside Control Centre, scroll down on the screen and locate ‘Text Size’. When you find the ‘Text Size’ option, you can add it to your Control Centre by tapping the ‘+’ button on the left side of the ‘Text Size’ option. 

When you do that, the ‘Text Size’ control will be added to the ‘Included Controls’ section at the top.

You have successfully added a ‘Text Size’ shortcut to the Control Centre.

How to Change Text Size for an individual app on iOS

Unlike on iOS 14, the new Text Size option on iOS 15 can be used to change font size inside any app on your iPhone. To change the text size for an app, launch the concerned app on your screen and open the Control Centre using any of the following steps:

  • On iPhones without Home Button: Swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen. 
  • On iPhones with a Home Button: Swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen.
  • On iPads: Swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen.

When the Control Centre launches, you should see the ‘Text Size’ tile (the one marked as ‘aA’). Tap on the ‘Text Size’ tile from here. 

You should now see an overflow menu on your screen. To make sure the text size adjustment only applies to the app that’s open,  tap on the “[App Name] Only” option on the left side of the horizontal bar at the bottom.

Weirdly, the “[App Name] Only” label will only be visible when you tap on the option. By default, the “All Apps” option will be selected inside the horizontal bar.

The ‘[App Name] Only’ option will be indicated a bunch of tiles stacked on top of one another with the topmost tile highlighted. The other option labelled “All Apps” will have all the stacked tiles highlighted to indicate that the font size appears to all your iOS apps. 

After you have selected the ‘[App Name] Only’ option, you can now proceed to change the text size for the selected app that you opened earlier. To change the text size for the app, slider your finger over the vertical ‘Text Size’ bar. 

You can increase the text size by dragging the slider towards to top and decrease it by dragging it downwards. 

When you do that, the text inside the app should now be enlarged or reduced depending on how you adjusted it. 

iOS 15 allows you to choose from 12 different size levels between 80% and 310%. In contrast, the universal text size adjustment only offers 7 different size levels between 80% and 135%.

That’s it. You have successfully applied a text size for the selected app on your iPhone. To change the text size for another app, repeat the steps above after opening the app on your screen. 

That’s all you need to know about changing the text size for specific apps on iOS 15. 


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