How to barter with Piglins

Minecraft is a fun game that is known to bring out the creativity in a lot of people. Users are known to have produced huge scaled reproductions of real-life structures in the game. Naturally, developers keep releasing new content to keep their users engaged every once a while. But with new updates comes the challenge of reading and getting yourself familiar with new mechanics.

During this process, you might end up missing out on some details which might not sit well with your gaming experience. The main detail overlooked by players is the barter system in Minecraft. If you do not know about it, then you have landed in the perfect place. Let’s take a look at the Barter system in Minecraft and how you can barter with Piglins.

How to barter with Piglins?

Bartering with Piglins is a fairly simple process as long as you have the right equipment. Let’s take a look at the things you will need to barter with Piglins.

Things you will need

  • A piece of Gold armor
  • Gold Ingots

How to Barter?

Equip your gold armor piece and navigate to a Piglin settlement on the map. Once you are facing a Piglin, drop a Gold Ingot near their feet and wait for them to interact with it. Once you throw the Ingot, the Piglin will pick it up and examine it for 6s or 8s depending on the platform you are playing the game on. Once examined, the gold ingot will be added to the Piglin’s inventory and a random item will be dropped in exchange for the Gold. Now simply walk over and pick up the dropped item to add it to your inventory.

What items will be dropped by a Piglin during barter?

There is no sure way of determining which item will be dropped by a Piglin in exchange for your Gold Ingot but here is a nifty table explaining your chances of getting a rare item.

# Dropped Item Quantity of dropped items Chances of getting this item Weight of the Item in your inventory
1 Soul Sand 4 to 16 9.46% 40
2 Crying Obsidian 1 to 3 9.46% 40
3 Obsidian 1 9.46% 40
4 Nether Brick 4 to 16 9.46% 40
5 Leather 4 to 10 9.46% 40
6 Gravel 8 to 16 9.46% 40
7 Fire Charge 1 to 5 9.46% 40
8 String 8 to 24 4.73% 20
9 Ender Pearl 4 to 8 4.73% 20
10 Magma Cream 2 to 6 4.73% 20
11 Glowstone Dust 5 to 12 4.73% 20
12 Nether Quartz 8 to 16 4.73% 20
13 Potion Of Fire Resistance 1 2.36% 10
14 Splash Potion Of Fire Resistance 1 2.36% 10
15 Iron Nugget 9 to 36 2.36% 10
16 Iron Boots with Soul Speed (Random) 1 1.89% 8
17 Enchanted Book With Soul Speed (Random) 1 1.18% 5

What happens if I drop multiple Gold Ingots for a Piglin?

If you drop multiple Ingots at the feet of a Piglin then the Piglin will start picking up and examining them one by one. After the dedicated examining time of 6s or 8s is completed depending on your platform, the Piglin will start dropping items one by one. You can then pick them up and add them to your in-game inventory. Once there are no more Gold Ingots left to examine, the Piglin will return to its normal NPC behavior.

What happens if I drop another item instead of Gold Ingots?

Gold Ingots are the only item accepted by Piglins for bartering. If you drop any other item in front of a Piglin, then they will simply pick it up and add it to their inventory. This includes weapons, armor, gold nuggets, and gold blocks.

Can you barter with baby Piglins?

No, you can not barter with baby Piglins. Baby Piglins are incapable of barter. If you try to barter with them, a baby Piglin will simply pick up the Gold Ingot and add it to their inventory?

What if I hit a Piglin while bartering?

This will cause the Piglin to add the Gold Ingot to their inventory without giving you anything in exchange for it. You will be unable to barter with them any further unless you produce additional Gold Ingots.

I accidentally hit a Piglin while bartering. How do I get my Ingot back?

To get your Gold Ingot back from the Piglin, you will have to kill them or wait for them to die naturally. Once dead, the Piglin will drop the Gold Ingot which you can then collect and add to your inventory.

We hope this guide helped you easily barter with Piglins in Minecraft. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.


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