How to avoid accidental press on Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy devices

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The most questionable decision made by Samsung in the recent few years was the introduction of the Bixby button to their Galaxy flagships. What bugged out most Samsung users was the fact that the Bixby button was not remappable and via any official means and Samsung released an update to disable the Bixby button remapping for un-rooted devices by third-party apps.

Samsung also has placed the Bixby button in such a location where you might often rest your fingers or grip the device to take it out from your pocket, this causes accidental activation of the Bixby voice assistant which can be pretty annoying.

Fortunately, Samsung has rolled out an update to Bixby which lets you remap the button or simply change the Bixby activation trigger to a double tap rather than a single press or a press and hold to activate Bixby.

So let’s check out the simple process to avoid the accidental Bixby activation.

How to avoid accidental Bixby activation

The steps are pretty straightforward, simply follow along to hopefully get rid of the annoyance altogether.

  1. You would first have to update the Bixby related apps and services via the Galaxy Apps store.
    • Simply visit our guide on how to get the latest Bixby update which brings along the button remapping option by clicking this link
  2. Once you’ve installed the latest Bixby update, open the System Settings on your device.
  3. Now tap on Advanced features and tap on the Bixby key option.
  4. By default, the Bixby trigger is set to Single press to activate.
  5. However, to avoid the accidental Bixby activation, select Double press to open Bixby. 
  6. Leave the Use single press option off since you might end up opening the selected app accidentally as well, however, you could use the option if you don’t mind the selected app of your choice opening up accidentally.

That’s it. You could finally reach for your phone without having Bixby pop-up all the time. It’s also better than having to disable Bixby entirely since you could still bring up Bixby by double pressing the Bixby key on your device.


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