How To Add Friends on Xbox App

The new Xbox app for PCs and mobile devices is a much-awaited addition that gives you the ability to manage your social network on the go. Not only this, but you can also stream games, power your Xbox and manage your titles and game library remotely using the app. If you are new to the Xbox app, then we have the perfect guide for you. Let’s take a look at how you can add friends to your network directly using the Xbox app on your PC. 



Launch the Xbox app on your PC and sign in using your Xbox Live account if you aren’t already signed in. Now click and switch to the ‘Social’ tab at the top of your screen. 

Your friend list will now automatically show up in the left sidebar. Type your friend’s Xbox Gamertag in the search bar at the top. 

Note: Xbox Gamertag’s are case sensitive. 

Your friend should now show up in the search results at the bottom. If you have trouble locating him or her then make sure that you have typed in the Gamertag correctly. Click on your friend’s profile once it shows up in the search results.

Now click on ‘Add Friend’ below your friend’s Xbox Gamertag on their profile page. 

Select one of the options below that best fits your needs.

  • Friend: This will add the person to your normal friend list and you will show up as a new follower to them. 
  • Favorite: This will add the person to your favorites list. People in your favorites list are the first to show up in your activity feed and you will be notified each time they are available online and streaming.

Additionally, if you are friends in real life, then check the box for ‘Share my name’. This will send your registered name and your Gamertag to your friend which can help them identify you. However, we don’t recommend using this for random gamers you meet in games as this could compromise your privacy.  

And that’s it! Once the request is accepted, the concerned person will be automatically added to your friend’s list on Xbox Live. 

I hope you were able to easily add friends in the Xbox app using this guide. If you face any issues or have any more questions, feel free to drop a comment below. 

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