How the Android Q-based OxygenOS could look like

Chinese OEM, OnePlus, takes great pride in its relationship with users and for good reason. The OnePlus forums are practically buzzing all the time, providing users with tips, tricks, and support whenever they need it.

The company also specializes in taking direct feedback from its customers and work on the features and fixes they want the most. Recently, OnePlus administered a contest to elect an honorary Product Manager from the online community, promising to integrate their ideas into the next iteration of the OxygenOS — the Android Q-based OxygenOS 10.

Leandro Tijink won the contest with flying colors, thanks to his ingenious ideas and renditions. And here’s a look at how the next OxygenOS might look like based on Tijink’s vision (via XDA Developers): 

Initial Setup Process

The contest winner has asked OnePlus to revamp its initial setup menu, so that, new users can understand and process key details right away. Tijink has also proposed a Theme selection option right in the initial setup process.

Ambient Display and Home Screen

Up next, Tijink has suggested the company makes some changes to the Ambient Display screen as well as the OnePlus Launcher. Apart from asking OnePlus to use rounder cards for the Shelf, he has also tipped the developing team to offer customization in the number of rows of a folder.

Recents Menu and FileDash

Tijink has expressed his desire to see a new stacked layout in the Recents menu. The rounded corners have prevailed in this department as well, and give a more polished look overall.

He has also suggested an interface overhaul for OnePlus’ FileDash feature, which allows easy file exchange between supported OnePlus devices.

Android Q Settings, Camera, and OnePlus Gallery

The contest winner has proposed the company to port Android Q’s notification shade directly to the upcoming OxygenOS, maintain a separation between the quick settings and the notifications.

The camera UI has been made cleaner, while the Settings menu has also been given an Android Q-Esque facelift.

The Gallery has also been reworked, now featuring a well spaced-out look and color scheme consistency.

The engineers at OnePlus has promised to look into Tijink’s proposals, and we can expect to see at least some of these features, if not all, in the upcoming Oxygen OS release. As for a release date, the company hasn’t provided an exact timeline, but it could arrive alongside the highly-anticipated OnePlus 7T lineup.

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