How Do Teachers Know if You Use ChatGPT

What to know

  • Several AI detector tools like AI Classifier, GPTZero, and Turninin offer ways to assess whether the content is generated using ChatGPT or other AI tools. 
  • Teachers can also look for visual signs like changes in your writing pattern, lack of grammatical mistakes, or improvement or deterioration of performance of students to check whether you’re using ChatGPT. 

Open AI’s ChatGPT can be a useful tool for everyone to get responses about anything you may be wondering about. However, there have been concerns about its effect on the future of education, mainly because students find it more convenient to complete their assignments without putting in the required effort. 

If you’re a student, you may be wondering whether your teacher may find out when you use ChatGPT for creating assignments. The answer is possibly yes and the following post should explain to you how they’ll know. 

Teachers can use AI detector tools

ChatGPT uses OpenAI’s large language models to generate text based on the input you enter. This can be easily detected by AI detector tools as they’ll be able to find a pattern of written content and match it with the kind of content that ChatGPT generates. 

These AI detectors can assess content and find parts of the text that were generated using AI and separate them from a human-written text. Most of these tools can determine probability and perplexity scores to make it helpful for teachers to determine how similar the original content is to that of an AI’s work.  

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How teachers may suspect ChatGPT usage

There are easier means to find content that’s created on ChatGPT other than using AI detectors. Teachers can find visual keys in student submissions and suspect ChatGPT usage using many factors. 

  • ChatGPT produces content that’s always grammatically correct but since human work isn’t, teachers may suspect you of using ChatGPT if they’re free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. The possibility of your work getting flagged by a teacher is higher if you’ve submitted assignments with some errors in the past. 
  • ChatGPT can create content that sometimes may not be factually correct. Since the content generated inside ChatGPT is extracted from webpages on the internet, it may sometimes output text that’s not up to date, biased, or straight-up incorrect. This means you cannot always rely on information that’s shared by ChatGPT and when you use such content for your assignment, teachers may be able to suspect ChatGPT usage right away. 
  • Teachers may also analyze the writing behavior and skillset of students. If you’ve lately started submitting content generated by ChatGPT, this content may differ from your usual writing pattern. Teachers who continuously evaluate your performance will quickly be able to see changes in your content if it has drastically improved or deteriorated. 
  • Since it is a free service available to everyone, teachers themselves can use ChatGPT to see the answers provided by the AI tool and check for students’ submissions for similarities. 

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Know when not to use ChatGPT

While ChatGPT can be used to generate content for your assignments quickly, you need to know that using it to copy and paste the content at all times doesn’t help you develop your writing skills and critical understanding. Instead, if you’re a student, you can use ChatGPT for research in the same way you would search on Google for your homework and assignments.

If your assignment involves an extensive study of a specific topic or research paper, relying on ChatGPT itself won’t be helpful. This is because ChatGPT may not have access to the same materials as you do and sometimes, the content it gathers from web pages may no longer be relevant to your case. 

Since the AI tool is designed to generate responses as quickly as possible, sometimes it won’t be factually correct. That’s because in order to produce a faster response, it may have skipped looking through certain web pages and content that you may otherwise have found when you perform your own research. 

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That’s all you need to know on how teachers may know if you use ChatGPT. 

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