6 Best Free and Paid ChatGPT Detector Tools [2023]

Unlike in 1990s, today, the information is abundant and the need for original and authentic content is as crucial as ever. This is why the need for an AI text detector tool has become an essential asset for schools, offices, and writers, publishers, and educators at large. The ability of an AI text detector tool to detect plagiarism, verify the originality of content, and improve writing quality has made it a valuable tool for those seeking to create unique and meaningful content.

Moreover, it can also assist in language translation, helping to break down communication barriers and fostering global collaboration. With the ability to analyze documents quickly and accurately, the AI text detector tool is a powerful tool that can save time and effort while ensuring the integrity and credibility of written works. Let’s check out some of the best tools to detect AI text right now — we have scoured the web and come up with the six best free tools and two paid options.

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6 Best Free ChatGPT Detector Tools

Let’s discuss the free tools first before we check out the two paid tools to detect AI text later on this page. 

1. OpenAI AI Classifier

Did you know that OpenAI — the maker of ChatGPT — has also developed an AI text detector tool of their own? It’s called the AI Classifier and it’s actually one of the best tools on the market for identifying AI chatbot generates text.

Not only is the AI Classifier helpful for identifying chatbot-generated content, it also has a range of applications in detecting fake news and other forms of disinformation. By training the tool on a variety of examples – including both human-generated and AI-generated text – the AI Classifier can recognize and analyze specific patterns unique to each writing style.


  • Only marks text as AI-written if it is very confident
  • Easy-to-use web app
  • Promotes AI safety


  • Unreliable on short texts
  • Human-written text might be incorrectly labeled as AI-written

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2. GPTZero

This web-based app is simple to use where you can paste or load your document to find the summary of AI written phrases. The best part of this tool is that it highlights the text most probably delivered by AI. However, an entire content framed by AI won’t show any highlighted text. 

GPTZero is trained on a human-written corpus and text generated by AI, which helps identify the content delivery module. It can provide predictions on a sentence, paragraph, or even a document.


  • Highly accurate
  • Scalable, providing a cost-effective solution
  • Effective tool for communicating with people with different communication styles


  • Can sometimes provide inaccurate or misinformed answers
  • May be out of budget for most advanced language models 

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3. Corrector.App

Apart from being a great writing tool that helps improve the quality of the content, Corrector can also detect fake news and web pages generated by ChatGPT. The tool is specially designed to determine if a document has fake segments and provides real-time feedback. 

The free tool also allows you to produce texts of the highest quality and authenticity while correcting your grammar and checking spelling and punctuation. 


  • Can detect texts in various languages
  • Supports different platforms, including iOS and Android
  • Simple to use and doesn’t require any extensive training


  • May miss something, especially while dealing with idioms
  • Fails to produce ideas for better outcomes

4. Writer

If you are looking to create content in minutes and want to deliver the most original content, Writer is the place to be. It is the only platform that can be easily trained on your unique guidelines. 

Writer is also a good AI content detector tool that assists you in making necessary adjustments before you finally publish your content. This tool evaluates your text and provides results on how much AI has created it. 


  • Offers easy repurposing of already written content
  • Helps you deliver daily SEO posts on the blog


  • Only available in the Writer app as an API
  • Limited to check only 1,500 characters at a time

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5. Paraphrasingtool

This tool can detect AI-generated content with almost 90% of accuracy and helps users rephrase ideas seamlessly. Apart from being a chat detector tool, Paraphrasingtool.ai also serves the purpose of an AI Content Bypass Tool, AI Article Generator, Grammar Checker, and writing hack. 

The tool highlights the words in red, along with a score in the following image, providing you with an idea of the AI written content. Most language models are trained to generate text with high probability and less perplexity. Therefore, this tool detects content by calculating probability and perplexity scores. 


  • Helps explain complicated topics in an easy manner
  • Provides an awesome user experience
  • Improves the fluidity of a content


  • May not always be up to the mark
  • Sometimes needs manual revision process 

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6. Copyleaks

Offering almost 99% accuracy, Copyleaks stands as one of the most accurate AI text detection solutions. The AI detectors of Copyleaks detect the presence of AI text and highlight the elements written by a human or AI. 

The tool offers text detection across multiple languages and ensures the authenticity of all content that needs to be posted on your site. You need to paste the content in the box above, and Copyleaks will pinpoint all the AI-generated portions. 


  • Detailed and accurate findings
  • Offers coverage with a better understanding of complex text patterns


  • May be limited in the search scope
  • May take long to deliver results

2 best paid ChatGPT detector tools

If you want to check content more often, consider choosing going for a paid ChatGPT detector tool. 

1. AI Detector Pro

A specially trained AI neural network designed to detect AI text patterns, AI Detector Pro provides accurate results. The tool uses a large amount of data produced by GPT to understand the patterns that are more likely to occur in text written by an AI than a human. 

AI Detector Pro offers a three-month free version, after which you can upgrade the plan by paying a small fee. 


  • Comprehensive platform to get detailed reports showing AI-generated text 
  • Manages all AI-generated reports efficiently within projects
  • Provides sentence-level details


  • Sometimes provides results that are incorrect in context
  • Supports only English language

2. Originality.AI

It is a great tool that can predict if a write-up is delivered with the help of AI or produced by a human. With this tool, you can even prove the originality of a Google document. Originality.AI is suitable for web publishers as it ensures that their potential contents are in their most original form. 

Apart from detecting AI-written content with almost 90% accurate results, this tool can also detect plagiarism in the content. 


  • Easy to use
  • Offers various affordable pricing models
  • Can be used as a Chrome Extension


  • Only works in the English language
  • Lacks in-depth results, providing results only in percentage

Find if the text by an AI

Using an AI text detector tool can help identify instances of plagiarism, verify the originality of content, improve writing quality, and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of document analysis. It can also assist in language translation and understanding sentiment analysis, making it a valuable tool for businesses, academics, and individuals.

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