HMD announces the bootloader on your Nokia 8 can now be unlocked

If you’re the owner of a Nokia 8 smartphone, then you might be interested to know, HMD has announced the phone’s bootloader can now be unlocked.

The company’s own CPO Juho Sarvikas made this information public on his Twitter account. His tweet links to a new page on Nokia’s website where you are invited to sign-in with a Facebook/Google account. Then you need to follow the instructions shown on the page.

And as we read on the official website, we stumbled upon an interesting piece of information. Apparently, HMD plans to allow more Nokia smartphones to get their bootloaders unlocked in order to allow for customization and tweaking.

However, the company does warn that this feature is for developers only. So those who are new to the whole process of unlocking a phone’s bootloader should leave it for the more seasoned users.


If you plan to do it anyway, you should be aware there are certain risks associated with the process. First of all, once the phone is unlocked it will no longer be covered by the warranty provided by HMD Global. Also, keep in mind that unlocked devices may lose some of their functionalities including audio, video and more.

So before you go ahead and unlock your Nokia 8 make sure you go through the official page and read everything in there to fully understand the dangers.

Source: Juho Sarvikas