Here’s a fix for Distortion issue with Polarized Glasses in Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 distortion problem

Samsung’s 10th year of Galaxy S Flagships have arrived, and this year they have brought in 3 smartphones– Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 plus.

Using these S10 devices isn’t less than a luxury, as they pack a ton of features with an eye-catching design. But this year Samsung’s S10 and S10 plus have faced some kind of criticism from the users as they came across a few issues with their devices.

The first problem came with Face Unlock, which could easily be fooled and then a few users pointed out that the Underneath Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner wasn’t working properly. But Now, many are facing a problem of Distorted and Tinted Display when seen with Polarised Sunglasses.

Users claimed that whenever they wore their Polarised Glasses, the display would start to appear kind of tinted which was a really surprising issue to be on a $1000 Smartphone.

Well, here is a solution to the problem.

The thing causing the distortion on the Galaxy S10 when viewed with polarized glasses on is the pre-installed screen protector that comes applied on the phone.

Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor requires a special screen protector, which is why it was wise of Samsung to out one on the S10 sets already. Also, given the fact that the cutout for the selfie camera means you need special kind of protectors now with special design, a pre-installed screen protector was a welcome move.

However, if you experiencing an issue when you have your polarized glasses on, it’s good to remove the screen protector. You will see a noticeable difference right away. The distortion problem should be gone once you peel off the screen protector.

As of protecting the screen from scratches is also important, for which you can try buying a different screen protector or tempered glass for your device.