Remove the Carrier Branding in the Navigation Bar on Droid 1 [Hacks]

Motorola Droid Notification Bar Hack

Did the carrier branding in the notification bar (in its dropped down state) ever bothered you? The reason could be the either the ‘sheer hate feeling’ about the carrier or more importantly, it eating up your android phone’s screen space? Also, did the placement of the clear button (as explained in the pic below) seemed un-righteous to you anytime? Well, we don’t expect an avg Joe to be concerned about the clear button, but when one person can, anybody can. Right?

So, what’s the catch? Well, we just discovered a hack by a self-proclaimed droid mechanic, which gets you rid of the carrier brandingm thereby getting you more of screen real estate in the notification bar while placing the ‘clear’ button a little more correctly.

The hack isn’t available for every droid user out there, leave alone the whole bunch of non-droid android users. Only those droiders who’re running Cynogen Mod 6.1, RC5 on original Motorols Droid 1 (no milestone ques please!) can get this hack done. Nobody else, it’s pretty clear from the developer of this hack, so don’t bother yourself if you aren’t qualified since your insistance and play mood might literally blow up your device.

That apart, if you got a droid 1 and are ready to kick-off verizon wireless from notification bar, there is some sort of sacrifice you’ll be dealing with in the form of stock keyboard, which had to be changed to get the clear button in the right place with right aesthetics.

I don’t have a Droid in my hand, but it was a nice hack to know about and also, share with you. Oh, by the way, I really don’t expect it to feature as an improvement in the Gingerbread, the upcoming android OS version 2.3 — rumored to be announcing on December 7. [Hacks]

Clear Button Hack for Droids Running CM

Source Droid Mechanic

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