Top incredibly cool Android apps and games you should use now!

The Google Play Store is home to over 3 million applications with new ones being added daily. Google’s algorithms often do help you find some of the best applications easily, however, you may miss out on a few apps that are significant for you. Through google search, you may discover the most popular apps instead of the actual best applications for you.

To help you out in the quest of discovering the best apps available on the Play Store, we’ve curated a list of the must use Android apps and games that you should try now if you haven’t already. So let’s check out these cool apps and games:


1. Netflix

If you love the Internet or TV then we’re sure that you’ve probably heard of Netflix by now. The Netflix application is now available in several countries and with semi-affordable subscription plans, you can enjoy some of the best series, documentaries, and movies.

The Netflix app for Android offers everything you could expect from an entertainment application and even has the option for you to download an episode(s) or movie to watch offline. If you’re looking for an entertainment application, then look no further then Netflix.

Download: Netflix

2. Keep Notes

Previously known as Google Keep is an amazing note taking application. Google recently renamed the app calling it ‘Keep Notes’. As expected, the application is beautifully designed and is fairly simple to use since you can quickly jot down notes and categorize the notes with labels, add or change the background color of each note.

All notes would be synced automatically to your Google account hence if you switch your device or want to access your notes from your PC/Mac, then you can do it easily by visiting the Google Keep website.

Download: Keep Notes

3. Gboard

If you’re using anything other than the Gboard keyboard application on your Android smartphone, then you’re definitely missing out. The Gboard keyboard is a fantastic keyboard that does all the basics right.

The auto-correct is always to the point, the swipe to type feature is great too, the keyboard also has the ability to search for, share GIFs and stickers too. It also comes with theme support with a list of themes to choose from including the new gradient themes.

There are just no faults to pick on with the Gboard keyboard application and we’d definitely recommend the app for you to start jogging with your thumbs on.

Download: Gboard

4. Fluid Navigation Gesture

With the introduction of the iPhone X, we witnessed several Android OEMs start implementing gesture-based navigation options for their devices. Even Google itself has added the option for gesture navigation in Android 9 Pie. Sadly, none of the OEM gesture navigation options is as good as you may expect it to be.

The Fluid Navigation Gestures application gives the best possible gesture navigation experience on any smartphone. The app performs exactly as the name suggests ‘Fluid’. The best part is that if you use the application on an Android smartphone with an AMOLED display, it actually seems as though you’re warping the bezel of your device when swiping up to use the gestures.

You could also pay to unlock a few more customizing options. However, it works just fine without having to pay extra.

Download: Fluid Navigation Gestures

5. Backdrops

If you’re in search of the best wallpaper application, then Backdrops is the one for you. The app offers some of the most unique and well-designed wallpapers you would ever find. It also offers stunning wallpapers at a very reasonable price considering the quality of the wallpapers.

The app is also updated daily with beautiful new wallpapers that are designed by professionals rather than plain images of landscapes or cities.

Download: Backdrops

6. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile took the world by storm gathering a massive number of players within a short while of its release. The game soon became one of the best mobile games and a fan favorite in many countries. The battle-royale game offers almost the same experience as what the PC and console versions of the game with a few tweaks.

If you are a mobile gamer or simply want to enjoy a quick intense gunfight, then PUBG Mobile should definitely be an addition to your arsenal of games.

Download: PUBG Mobile

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7. Turbo VPN

These days online privacy is all the more necessary given the number of hacks and scams occurring all around the world. Using a VPN helps prevent prying eyes from stealing your data or even from blocking you out of certain websites.

Turbo VPN is the best free VPN application available on the Google Play Store. However, there are a few advertisements you might have to watch every now and then. But it’s absolutely worth it since the app is free.

Download: Turbo VPN

8. Audible

Most of us don’t have the time to sit and read books due to our hectic schedules and working hours. Luckily, with the Audible app, you can simply listen to any book from the vast collection of literature at any time. Subscribing to the service would let you purchase any book from the collection once a month.

However, if you want another book then you would have to pay to purchase the book. Nevertheless, listening to one book a month is far better than not reading or listening to any book at all, so its recommend to check out the Audible application for sure.

Download: Audible

9. Story Maker

If you find yourself posting stuff on Instagram Stories often, then the Story Maker application would be your best friend from now. The app enables you to create stunning layouts for your pictures before posting them to your stories.

Using the app would help make your Instagram Stories far more appealing than just simply posting the unedited picture to the image-sharing platform.

Download: Story Maker

10. Files by Google

This app from Google was formerly known as Files Go and is a brilliant application to have on your Android device to manage your files as well as free up space on the device by automatically removing any junk files.

You can also share files offline using the application. And since the file sharing uses the mobile hotspot, it is way faster than using Bluetooth to transfer files.

Download: Files by Google


Now, who doesn’t love GIFs? Whether you call it ‘Gif’ or ‘Jif’ we can all agree that these cool animated images are fun to send to friends over a conversation on your smartphone. GIPHY is one of the biggest GIF search engines in the world and lets you search and find for almost any GIF you want.

The app is super intuitive and simple to use.

Download: GIPHY

12. Microsoft Launcher

You might be wondering how is there an application from Microsoft on the best apps list for Android given that Google and Microsoft are competitors. Well, the short answer is that Microsoft has plenty of applications on both iOS and Android. And the Microsoft Launcher is a great home-screen replacement option.

If you don’t intend on spending hours trying to customize every detail of your launcher, then the Microsoft Launcher should be your go-to launcher. Microsoft has been pushing out several updates to the launcher application and the launcher is now one of the best launchers available on the Play Store.

Download: Microsoft Launcher

13. Lightroom CC

Adobe is not a newbie to photo editing and designing software. Hence, the Lightroom CC application for Android is a must-have if you’re into photo editing. The application offers multiple different tools and features to help you edit any image.

You can also edit RAW files straight on your Android device using the application which is super convenient for professional photographers.

Download: Lightroom CC

14. Google Podcasts

It seems like Google really knows how to create some of the best applications. The Google Podcasts application does exactly what its supposed to do, which is to let you listen to your favorite podcasts for free. The app is free of clutter, annoying menus and other gimmicky features.

You can simply search for your favorite podcasts or check out the popular podcasts in their respective categories. This amazing application also gives you the option to subscribe to a podcast to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest podcasts from the creator.

Download: Google Podcasts

15. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

As mentioned above, we all are caught up with work or studies and don’t give ourselves the break we deserve. The Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds application is the best meditation/relaxing sound application on the Play Store while also being free for the most part.

The included sounds are of the best quality and help you tune out the world and just give your mind a break from all the stress and worries of life.

Download: Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

Social media and messaging applications

The social media applications aren’t included in this list individually because you’ve probably already used the apps or are currently using them. Nevertheless, these applications are some of the most downloaded apps available on the Google Play Store which means they definitely are worth checking out in case you aren’t familiar with the apps.

What’s your favorite application on your Android device? Let us know in the comments below.

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