Google trademarks #teampixel, could be related to Pixel support team

When Google Pixel devices were launched last year, one tiny but significant feature that caught everyone’s attention was the on-device support for Pixel phones.

For the unaware, Google Pixel devices – Pixel and Pixel XL, feature a tab in the setting that lets you instantly contact a representative for any device issue via a phone call or chat.

Apparently, in the latest development, Google has trademarked the word #teampixel. Although we are not sure what it is about but considering how the instant support on the device was a hit, Google could extend the support to social media as well, primarily to Twitter.

What we mean is, #teampixel could be an identification of their support on Twitter or/and other social networks where people could ask them questions or help regarding an issue and they would respond via the social network itself.

For instance, in scenarios where your device isn’t working, it would be realistic to contact them via Email or in this case social media rather than through your faulty device.

So, yep, this is what we could guess about the reason behind trademarking the word #teampixel. If you know something else about it, let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, Google is working on the successors of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which are codenamed as ‘Walleye’, and ‘Taimen’. There was another model with the codename Muskie, however, recent rumors have suggested that Google has canceled it, instead will focus on just ‘Walleye’, and ‘Taimen’ and apparently, Taimen will be produced by LG and not HTC.