Google Pixel 3a to receive three Android version updates, Q R and S presumably!

Google Pixel 3a software support

Google took the wraps off the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL at the I/O after months of rumors and now we know all there is about the duo.

Unlike others before them, the Pixel 3a pair are the first to be sold through multiple U.S. carriers from the very first day of availability. So far, only AT&T is missing out as far as the big 5 carriers in the country are concerned, but of course, you can always grab an unlocked model from the Google Store and use it on AT&T.

Google also confirmed that the Pixel 3a won’t support the nearly forgotten VR platform dubbed Daydream. Apparently, the phone has resolution and framerate issues that made it incompatible with the virtual reality platform.

Considering that mobile phones are the only reasonable way Daydream VR could take off, the limited device support coupled with the arrival of standalone VR headsets could be doing the last nail in the coffin.

Google Pixel 3a software support window

On the brighter side, Pixel 3a users have something else to smile about – great software support. Google has already updated its official page to reflect that the device will continue receiving software updates until May 2022. And that includes Android version updates too, for sure, not just the security patches.

The updates in question include Android OS and monthly security patches. This means that Pixel 3a buyers will receive updates to Android Q, Android R and Android S. And just so you know, Android Q beta is already available for both the 3a and 3a XL.


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