Google Nexus 9 and Chromecast now selling through Play Store in New Zealand and Taiwan

Google Nexus 9 on Play Store

Google has finally begun selling goods in the New Zealand and Taiwan starting today with the company’s latest tablet, Nexus 9 and the utterly useful media streaming device, Chromecast.

Users in New Zealand and Taiwan will now be seeing the “Devices” section on the Play store website. However, it’s Google’s first step into selling devices directly in the two countries and so Nexus 9 and Chromecast are the only two devices listed on the site at this time. We just hope Nexus 6 to get there very soon.

Chromecast on Play Store

In case you don’t know, the Nexus 9 is the latest tablet from Google and also the first device that launched with Android 5.0 lollipop. The tablet packs powerful hardware and user experience, along with a newer 4:3 ratio display that is similar to that of Apple’s iPads. And Chromecast is a media streaming device that you just plug into your HDMI capable TV and wirelessly stream any content from your Android device to your TV directly, you could even mirror your Android device’s screen on the TV with Chromecast.

Interested users in New Zealand and Taiwan can head over to the Play store website, move to “Devices” section and grab either of the devices now.

via Google Play Help

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