Google Nexus 6 Rumors: All we know

After a spine chilling rumor which saddened the vanilla Android users has been proven wrong by Google confirming that Nexus 6 is in the works and going by the tradition it is expected to launch in winter just in time before Christmas with the final version of Android L.

LG has denied working on another Nexus device, but last year also they lied to media about no involvement in Nexus 5. It is yet to be known which manufacturer will be picked by Google to develop the Nexus 6.

Although according to rumor-mill LG has been picked yet again to launch Nexus 6 and it will be similarly spec’d to LG G3. Nexus 6 is expected to come with a 5.5 inch Quad HD Display and Mediatek 64 bit Quad or Octa Core CPU along with 3-gigs of RAM.

Nexus 6 is also believed to have fingerprint sensor to mimic Apple’s Touch ID which seems interesting. Another source also indicates Nexus 6 will get Optical Image Stabilization with 13-megapixel camera which will strengthen the Nexus weak end.

All in all whatever Nexus 6 specification are it is sure to sport Android L and will sell like hot cakes as Nexus has evolved into a brand, and with fast updates they have their own niece market.

What do you expect from the next generation Nexus device, let us know in comments below.