Google Nexus 6 price dropped by $100, 32 GB Nexus down to $550 now

Remember that feeling from childhood when there was something we really wished to buy? Maybe a fancy toy or that latest comic book? How we would stand with our nose pressed against the window and then suddenly, realizing that the things was too expensive would sigh and move away — looking back all the while.

Well, there are some smartphones out there that make you relive that experiance — and its not one of the childhood experiances you want to visit — the Nexus 6 to name but one.

The device which costs $650 for the 32GB model has been the cause of many a sigh. However, T-mobile has done those who wish to purchase the Nexus 6 a great favor by bringing the price down $100 and the device now costs around 550 bucks. The 64 GB version has also been included in the festivity and it is available for $599.76 at the moment.


This discount is also valid for those monthly payments — cutting them down from $27.08 to $22.91 for the 32 GB model. What’s more, you don’t need to tie yourself to T-mobile, the discounted Nexus 6 will work just fine on whatever carrier you want.

Source: AndroidPolice