Google Home and Assistant French language support goes live

Here’s a piece of good news for French speaking users of Google devices. The French language support for Google Home and Google Assistant has gone live today. This means that carrying out day-to-day tasks with Google Home and Assistant has become all the more easier for users comfortable with French language.

Up till now, Google Assistant was only available in English and with the addition of French to the language support list, Google surely is expanding its base. For Google Home as well, which is the company’s smart home device, French is the first foreign language support available.

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To enable French language in Google Assistant, you just have to say “Google, speak to me in French Canadian”. Once the phrase is uttered, the Assistant will start talking to you in French Canadian.

Google is all set to officially launch Google Home in Canada on Monday, that is on June 26th while both Google WiFi and Google Home made an entry into the UK market in April. On the other hand, Google started rolling out Google Assistant in the UK and Australia in April.

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