Google Drive updated to bring new Quick Access panel and search from Google App

Google Drive has been part and parcel of many Android users’ lives. With perfect integration of Docs, Sheets and Slides which was to be expected from the Google run services, Google Drive is a highly useful tool that many of us prioritize.

The app received an update recently bringing with it a new Quick Access panel which should enable faster searching of your docs. Along with that, Google Drive can now be searched from within the Google app making all too easy for to search from online documents right form your device’s homescreen.

The app is also getting the usual routine of bugs fixes and performance improvements to cope with the newer inclusion of Android that many devices are transitioning over to right now.

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Add all of these features with offline access on Windows and Mac and we have a clear winner. But the crux of the application is known from its name. Drive serves primarily as an online backup tool with each user getting a nominal 15GB of storage space for free.

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Google Drives also allows you to upload virtually unlimited photos from the Google Photos app. But there are some caveats with the Pixel smartphones being the only devices to bypass these limitations.

Head over to the Play Store to grab the new update of Google Drive.