Google-Apple rivalry displayed on Google Maps for all to see

Everyone is familiar with the war between Apple and Google as the two telecom giants slug it out over different battlegrounds — be it Android wear Vs the Apple watch or the Android Platform Vs the iOS. However, it seems like this time a third person got into the fray and decided to vent his/her feelings in a completely shocking way.

If you were to go to Google maps a few hours ago and type in the coordinates 33°30’52.5″N 73°03’33.2″E what you would get — along with a map of Rawalpindi, Pakistan — is a highly inappropriate picture of an Android robot pissing on an Apple logo.


Although we are still not sure how this made its way into the maps — since Google doing it on purpose would be a bit too much — a plausible explanation could be someone using the map maker tool — which allows users to make and submit changes to maps of their particular area — to craft this particular bit of mischief and a careless moderator passing them on without actually confirming the changes.

Whatever the case, the picture certainly got a good laugh out of many, revealing a new dimension of the Google-Apple feud and at many places sparked the same age-old discussion of Google-better-or-Apple.

Well while there’s been no official word yet from either Google or Apple yet on the topic, the case might just coerce Google to look into its map reviewing policy once again.

Source: Phandroid

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