Google app brings new search shortcuts for Indian users

To make the Google app more engaging and interesting, Google has added new shortcuts in its search app. Without typing anything, the shortcuts make the information easily accessible.

The new shortcuts are located below the search bar in Google app and are available for English users in India, starting today. If you have an updated version of Google app, open the app right away, you will find four colorful shortcuts happily sitting below the search bar, otherwise update the app first.

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Tap the small arrow at the right corner to open the full list of shortcuts. The shortcuts range from nearby things to tools and weather. While nearby category includes things like nearby ATM, Coffee shops, gas stations etc., Tools category comprises of a Coin flip, currency converter, Google Translate, color picker, and other amazing things.

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You also get fun shortcuts such as barrel roll, animal sounds etc. Plus, you get shortcuts for games such as Tic Tac Toe and Solitaire. Other shortcuts include weather, travel (attractions, book a flight, book a hotel), and My stuff (My hotels, My Flights etc.).

Further, the four shortcuts are dynamic i.e. they change and are actually the recently used shortcuts.