Google app 7.18.42 hints at Google Lens images donation, dangerous activity warning, and more [APK Teardown]

Google app update

Google released a newer version of the Search app today, which arrives as version 7.18.42 beta. We looked into the code of this new Google APK, and found some interesting tidbits, shared below.

However, do note that as is the case with APK code peeking, the features discussed here may not make it to the public, as this files right into the ‘rumors’ category. With that in mind, here are the few new features revealed by the APK teardown.

Donate Google Lens images

It’s easy to think why Google might need to store the images taken by you through Google Lens. As such, they will now ask you permission to do so. It would be called donation. Here is the code:

<string name=”nexus_device_donate_lens_data_summary”>Allow images taken with Lens in Assistant to be reviewed by humans to improve Google products.</string>
<string name=”nexus_device_donate_lens_data_title”>Donate Lens images</string>

Warning about Dangerous and harmful activities

Clearly, our guess is as good as yours, but this single line of code about dangerous and harmful activity should mean something, well, dangerous and/or harmful. Anyway, looks like if you are using a phone while driving, it may alert you with this sort of a message.

<string name=”dangerous_harmful”>Dangerous and harmful activity</string>

Google Assistant supported language alert

Seems Google would advise users to select a supported language to be used with the Assistant when their default language isn’t supported.

<string name=”language_selection_explanation”>“Your phone’s language is set to %s, which is not currently supported by Google Assistant. Please select another language.”</string>
<string name=”language_selection_title”>Select a language</string>

Easy rerecording on Pixelbooks

If you weren’t able to record a message properly, it looks like Assistant would allow you to continue to rerecord the message without the need to end and start a new conversation. You can just press and hold the Google Assistant button while talking to rerecord a message. Code:

<string name=”confirm_instruction4″>To send it, press the Google Assistant button. Or to rerecord, press and hold the Google Assistant button while talking.</string>
<string name=”confirm_instructiond”>To send it, confirm. Or to rerecord, press and hold while talking.</string>
<string name=”confirm_instructiont”>To send it, tap the right earbud. Or to rerecord, touch and hold the right earbud while talking.</string>

Website action label for contacts

Google already gives you these action choices for a contact: Email, Text, Call, Directions, and some more. Soon, they might add Website as an action, too.

<string name=”contact_action_label_web”>Website</string>

Email subscription for new features in Assistant

If you ever wanted Google to send you an email or two about news features in Assistant, or simply what you can do with Google’s AI, then we think you would soon have it.

<string name=”omniconsent_email_optin_description”>Stay up to date with emails about the latest Assistant features</string>

Important permission alert

When Google app doesn’t have a particular permission, it would ask you to give that to it, telling you that otherwise, ‘your Google Assistant will be limited to things like web results, jokes, and local info.’ A bit harsh, right? We know.

<string name=”opa_consent_check_error_message_confirmreject”>Without these permissions, your Google Assistant will be limited to things like web results, jokes, and local info.</string>
<string name=”opa_consent_check_error_title_confirmreject”>Get more out of your Assistant</string>

Unfinished episodes and shared images

To group things up, Google app might also suggest you the unfinished episodes, and also give you a separate option to check out all the images shared.

<string name=”recent_episodes_footer_title”>All unfinished episodes</string>
<string name=”shared_photo_group_header”>Shared Images</string>

That would be it. No breakthrough feature was mentioned in the Google app 7.18.42, but a whole bunch of small features that could make it to Google app soon.

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