Godzilla Defense Force, the newest addition to the gaming world

Godzilla Defense Force

Gaming and online gaming in this modern age of technology have taken a whole new scope. The landscape and the premise of the games being made today are not just interactive and indulging but rather addictive. So far is the reach of this leisure activity that it is said to take control of the gamer and inspire spontaneous purchases. So good a market and so subtle in its approach.

One such game has hit the stores recently and is said to have a personality of dragging in the gamer. We are talking about Godzilla Defense Force.

Some call it like a ‘tower defense game’. As the name itself explains, in the game, the gamer is supposed to control defenses for cities across the world, the first being Tokyo. Then the gamer is made to go through Beedrills alike from Pokemon and upgrades his/her defenses. Like all the games, it also starts at the base level of its premise that is with the infantry and moves on to other defenses like heavy tanks, and automated turrets, but that is once the gamer has enough coins.

Passing on a few levels, the gamer reaches the “boss” level. The bosses here are the animated caricatures of Kaiju from Godzilla franchise, and others like Hedorah, King Caesar, Gigan, Mothra, Mechagodzilla and almost all the variations of Godzilla known to us. It is also known to have evolutionary forms of Godzilla.  This game is sure is a treat for Godzilla enthusiasts.

Moving on, once the boss is beaten or defeated, the gamer collects a Kaiju card which he then uses to aid in defending the cities. And since the boss stages are not really a piece of cake kind of levels, the already desperate gamers are forced to watch advertisements or maybe trade in their cold hard cash for boosts, which count for things like an extra percentage in damage dealt, or additional money to upgrade the defenses.

Of course, any gamer would know how important it becomes for him/her to cross a certain level in the game, especially when he is into it. So that makes him easily watch videos as long as 5+ minutes if it reciprocates in coins or other game related benefits.

The complete game is designed around the same structure that includes in-app purchases and advertisements, and with no way to remove them, they become part of the game itself. The in-app purchases are incentives that help you build and strengthen your defense through Kaiju cards and upgrades, auto clicking mechanisms in return for money.

A whole lot of advertisements and in-app purchases might be a buzz killer for some if they do not have the heart for it, but for some, the game might turn out to be an adventure.

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