Game Roundup: 10 Free Addictingly Fast-Paced Android Games

Gaming is one aspect of your Android device that never disappoints and can be a great boredom killer just when you feel that you have enough time to spare. So, we thought this up and ended-up compiling a list of 10 casual games which are addictive at the same time.

Be warned to counter your addiction levels as you give the following list a thorough read!

1) Temple Run


Ever remember that famous Indiana Jones style of climax scenes seen in hollywood flicks? Well Temple Run is precisely that part wherein you play a hero on steroids! The gameplay simply comprises of controlling the character by jumping, sliding and performing sudden turns– all crafted along with impressive graphics and fast-pace. The controls too are simple, consisting mainly of swipe gestures. A highly addictive and uncompromising gameplay; everything comes free here!

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2) Line Runner


A seemingly blunt paper drawing with a running guy and blocks lying haywire and hanging in the air. Doesn’t sound interesting enough? Well, add some adrenaline rush with a really pacy gameplay and nice renderings and what you get is an addictive package of Line Runner! The difficulty level gradually increases and the controls basically consist of tapping the screen on either side. Players can also compare their scores with other players online. Line Runner is available on the Play Store for free!

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3) Ninjump


A jumping and slashing ninja climbing and running on walls– as cool as it sounds, Ninjump is your share of adrenaline rush in neat looking graphics and ever-increasing obstacles. There are jumping squirrels, flying birds and even enemy ninjas to dodge and slash-at. A fun game with good music, nice animations, amazing pace and an added option to compare your highscores online, all this comes at no price at all!

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4) Agent Dash


How about some Bond-style action in a marathon running saga draped in good ol’ tuxedo? Agent Dash has some stunning-looking 3D graphics to back up a nicely crafted gameplay. The controls are intuitive enough with swiping gestures while the agent runs through and shoots his way out of dangerous situations and enemy bases. Agent Dash is available for free from the Play Store.

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5) Moon Chaser


Moon Chaser is one game which can definitely not be overlooked. Its simple, the ninja is flying and all you have to do is control the gravity by tapping the screen and making the ninja fly through mountain slopes. Simple, fun, addictive. The game traverses efficiently to different levels as you try to prevent the moon from vanishing in the clouds. Head-on to the Play Store to download the game for free.

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6) Zombie Dash


If arcade style gaming is what you are looking for then Zombie Dash is a game worth a try. The game basically consists of nicely done 2D graphics comprised of a guy shooting and escaping his way away from zombies popping up from everywhere. You control your character via two well placed keys functioning as jump and shoot. You can grab Zombie Dash from the Play Store for free.

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7) Speed Skater


Like skateboarding? How about giving it a try right on your device! Speed Skater is one such game where you skate along fast enough and avoid the hurdles and gaps by jumping over them all along. The gameplay is fun for casual gaming with nice audio and funny conclusions when you falter towards the end. Download the game from the Play Store for free.

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8) iRunner


So this game is basically about a cute little yellow guy ardently named ‘i’ whom you have to guide throughout the game; crossing obstacles, and sliding from beneath some. You also have to grab power-ups including batteries to keep running longer. Tapping and double tapping leads you to jump and avoid shorter and comparatively longer obstacles throughout. The game progresses with a nice tempo and can leave you hooked for quite a while. Click-on to download it for free from the Play Store.

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9) Mega Jump


Mega Jump is a game where your main objective is to jump and reach as high as you can while using coins as boosts. All the while, you are kept entertained with those cute monsters and the obviously cute audio to match them. The graphics and game mechanics are equally responsive  and all that makes a great recipe for addiction! The social integration into the game makes it even more fun to challenge your friends and take it to the next level. This free game is definitely worth a try.

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10) Jetpack Joyride


Jetpack Joyride is one game that can definitely not be left behind in this genre. After awaiting this game since long, Android users can finally get a taste of this exciting mix of cool graphics, cooler audio, and amazing gameplay. You are supposed to guide your hero through hordes of attacking scientists and random missile-attacks with the help of earned power-ups  and upgrades to your jetpack. The game is available on the Amazon Appstore for free right now with Play Store availability planned soon.

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That’s it folks for a good dose of adrenaline-induced fun and some quick relief from your daily run of the mill work! The Play Store is full of quite a few other options too so its all about which game appeals to you more. Do submit your views in the comments section below!