Galaxy S9 features revealed: Super slow-motion and new F/1.5 aperture camera in tow

galaxy s9 specs leak

This could be huge! A new leak of what is supposedly the retail box of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9, reveals some interesting new features of the flagship. Now, we can’t really confirm if this is the actual retail box, but the specifications seem to confirm everything that’s been rumored or reported so far.

As you can see from the leaked retail box, and we hope this is the real deal, there are a lot of new changes coming to the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The most interesting features are the Super speed dual pixel camera with variable aperture, Super Slow Motion, and Stereo speakers.

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We’ve heard rumors that only the Galaxy S9 Plus would feature dual cameras, whereas the S9 would only come with one camera. However, that single camera could feature a variable aperture. In the leaked photo, you can see that the Dual-Pixel 12MP camera has two apertures, one is f/1.5 and the other is f/2.4. And that’s pretty cool, as the f/1.5 aperture will let the camera gather lots of light, while the larger f/2.4 aperture should give it the ability to shoot portrait photos.

Also, Stereo speakers from AKG also sound like an awesome feature that many will love. We have also heard about the phone getting 1000fps slow motion recording, and that’s seen here as well. We’re not so sure about the rounded and rectangle corners in the display though. Unfortunately, we doubt the phone will get the in-display fingerprint sensor that Vivo previewed recently.

Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus at the Mobile World Congress event next month. That’s when we will know if all these leaks and rumors are true or not. Not long to go now.

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