Vivo showcases in-built fingerprint censor at CES 2018

vivo in-display fingerprint

Vivo just became the first company to showcase a working in-display fingerprint sensor on a mobile device. We had already heard a report stating that Vivo would be doing this. And now, the company is showcasing the technology at CES 2018.

According to various media reports, the sensor works great, and can make way for phones that no longer have to place a fingerprint sensor at the back. The folks at Android Central had a bit of a hands-on time with the Vivo smartphone and they loved the sensor.

On the Vivo smartphone, the sensor was placed at the bottom of the phone, under the display. As of now, the optical sensor made by Synaptics can only be placed under AMOLED displays. When not in use, you will not be able to see the sensor. But when you need to unlock the phone or require the use of the sensor, the screen directly above the sensor lights up.

Vivo Oreo update release date

The sensor is not as fast as traditional ones at the moment, and according to Vivo, it takes about 0.7 seconds to unlock. But that isn’t so bad, and will probably get better over time.  The company also stated that this is a production version of an upcoming smartphone, but didn’t not reveal the release date or the name.

We also see the Samsung Galaxy S9 to use this technology, but Vivo has everyone beat at the moment. Several other manufacturers will also opt for this tech in 2018 and the coming years, as it is more convenient than a rear-placed sensor. What do you think?

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