Galaxy S8 Voice assistant ‘Bixby’ to support 7-8 languages

We all know that Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone Galaxy S8 will come with a AI Voice assistant called Bixby. Now, there’s nothing really new in that as we already have smartphones endowed with that feature. Who doesn’t know about Google Assistant in Pixel phones or Microsoft’s Cortana. And do I even need to mention Apple’s Siri? So, to get an edge over these, Samsung has empowered its Bixby to support over 7 languages.

By doing so, it easily scores over Google Assistant (on Pixel phones), which currently only supports two languages, English and German. In comparison to that, Bixby will support five more languages viz Korean, Chinese and few others. This is a huge plus for Bixby, and in turn, obviously for Galaxy S8.

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Samsung Electronics plans to target the global market by expanding the language parameter of Bixby. The company is also rumored to integrate Bixby into a variety of other services as well such as Home Appliances.

As per Samsung Electronics officials, this feat could be achieved by integrating the language data accumulated by Samsung Electronics with language recognition capability of Viva Labs. Samsung had acquired Viva Labs in October.

Analysts at Samsung Securities feel that the new AI voice assistant function of Samsung Galaxy S8 will act as an incentive to stimulate consumer purchasing desire.

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Apple’s next generation iPhone 8 is expected to be a strong rival for Samsung Galaxy S8. Apple’s Siri currently supports 36 languages. And it is likely that Apple will decide how to upgrade its AI capabilities for the next generation iPhone.

The Galaxy S8 will be unveiled on March 29 in the US and UK.

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