Galaxy S8 to release in China this month, Bixby (in Chinese) by next month

Samsung launched its flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 in March followed by its release in US, South Korea and other countries including India. But the world’s biggest smartphone market, that is China, is yet to see the device enter its territory. Now that should happen soon as a report from Korea reveals that Samsung has planned to finally release Galaxy S8 in China this month.

Before making the Galaxy S8 available in China, Samsung will first hold a showcase event tomorrow, that is May 18th. This will be followed by the official release next week on May 25th.

The consumers in China have no dearth of choices when it comes to smartphones. Thus, in order to be able to entice them Samsung will not delay the Bixby installation in Galaxy S8 as it did in other countries. When Galaxy S8 was launched, the Bixby was not fully installed. It took them some time to roll out all the Bixby features. But that will not be the case in China as Samsung plans to make Bixby available in Chinese by next month itself.

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So, Samsung will fully prepare itself before setting its foot in China with Galaxy S8. This seems quite logical as well with the recent report of Samsung losing out to Chinese smartphone manufacturers. As per a report published by Hong Kong based Counterpoint Technology Market Research, the sale of Samsung’s smartphones decreased by over 50 percent in China in Q1 this year while that of Huawei, Oppo and Vivo witnessed a great surge during the same period.

Will Samsung be able to save its face in the country with Galaxy S8 and turn the wheel of its fortune to come out as a winner? Well, only time will tell.

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via The Korean Herald

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